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Series:  Highland Fae Chronicles #2

Author:  Samantha Holt

Publish Date:   04.08.14

Publisher:  Samantha Holt

Category /Genre:  Romance

Recommended for:  18 + due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Samantha Holt (in exchange for an honest review)

Date completed: 07.07.14

Goodreads link: To Dream of a Highlander


Description from the publisher:

Scotland, 1230


Sent on a rescue mission, Finn mac Chaluim is prepared to do his duty, hand over the lass and return home.


But fate has other ideas.


In the midst of a Norse invasion, Catriona barely escapes with her life. Masquerading as her sister, she finds herself in the hands of Finn who intends to hand her over to her sister’s betrothed, Laird Gillean. In the interests of bringing peace to her home, Catriona is determined to continue the ruse—even if it means going along with the marriage and denying her growing attraction to a man who keeps his hurts hidden behind a quick grin.


If the green faery, Tèile, has anything to do with it, Catriona and Finn will come together—but only at the right time. Thanks to her last attempt at matchmaking, many paths were changed and now it’s up to her to put it right. Can she help Finn—who learned the hard way that sharing your life with someone only leads to heartache—get past his doubts? And will the battle-scarred Catriona even accept him into her heart? When Laird Gillean’s attentions toward Catriona become dangerous, both Finn and Tèile will find they have an uphill battle on their hands.


This is the second book in the Highland Fae Chronicles.  It does stand alone, but I suggest reading them in order.


Catriona is hiding a pretty big secret, with the best of intentions.  She is posing as her twin sister Katelyn who recently died in order to fulfill a marriage contract and save the people of her keep. 

Finn is a highland warrior.  At the request of his sister, his mission is to rescue Katelyn from the Norse invasion on the island keep.


The green faery, Teile is back and intends to prove herself as a matchmaker.  She knows that fate intends for Catriona and Finn to be together, but her mishaps in bringing Alana and Morgann together in TO STEAL A HIGHLANDER’S HEART have caused problems in this time line.  Now she wants to set things right, but use as little magic as possible so she doesn’t cause more problems.


The faery was not a prominent character in the first book, but she is definitely more involved this time.  Teile was fun!  I would love to be friends with her.  Catriona was a balanced mix of intelligent innocence and strong femme. 


I loved the believable, lovable characters of this story.  Extremely well-written, this is a quick, light, easy read that brings you to an HEA, but not all things end happily, thus leaving the door open and ready for the next book in the series.


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