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Series:  Tarot #1 – hopefully!

Author:  Nina Mason

Publish Date:   03.22.14

Publisher:  Vamptasy Publishing

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18 + due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Received from:  Nina Mason (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads link: The Queen of Swords

Date completed: 09.26.14

Description from the publisher:

How can she be his soul mate if he doesn't have a soul?


The Queen of Swords, a paranormal tale of undying love, tells the story of a white witch who returns every hundred years to reunite with her soul mate--a Celtic vampire who's been earthbound by a dark wizard's curse. Will she find a way for them to be together this time around?


Back cover blurb:

When Graham Logan draws the Queen of Swords, he knows he’s about to meet the love of his life. For the third time. But surrendering his heart will mean risking her life…or making her what he is--two things his beliefs won’t allow him to do.


Graham rages at God: Why give her back only to take her again?


Cat Fingal, the third incarnation of Graham’s other half, won’t let him slip away so easily. A white witch, she casts a spell to summon him—for answers, among other things.


Graham has other problems, too. Like the seductress who wants him for herself and the dark wizard who cursed him and killed Cat the first two times.


Will she find a way to save him this time around?


Is this a series?  That question is still undecided.  I hope so!


In Tarot cards, the Queen of Swords is analytical and wise.  In the past position of your spread, it means that you made good decisions based on the information you had.  To Graham Logan, it means that his “Cat” has returned.  His soul-mate has once again been reincarnated and he must choose between loving her for a short time knowing that it will lead to her death by his enemies or leaving her before she recognizes him as her twin flame.  Cat Fingal is not so easily deterred.  She is a (good) witch determined to fight for her true love in this incarnation.  Can she save him from the curse of the dark wizard fixated on claiming Graham’s soul…the same dark wizard who has already killed her twice in his efforts to get to Graham?


You all know by now that I love paranormal romance.  I adore this story!  Another reviewer said this one was “as sinfully seductive as chocolate…”  I can find no better words.  There were vampires, fae, ghosts, and witches.  The love between Graham and Cat transcends time and is scorchingly lustful.  The supporting characters do just that – helping to move the story along while adding spice and flavor.  I did a lot of the reading during my exercise time on the treadmill – I walked longer than usual because I just did not want to stop reading!  Ms. Mason even includes some snippets of poetry from Robert Burns, a personal favorite of mine.  I was so inspired, that I made the new headers you see here in this review, using my own family’s tartan.  (Armstrong Proud!  Invictus maneo “I remain unvanquished.”)


Ms. Mason, thank you for the fantasy escape from normal, the mini-vacation to Scotland, and the mini history lessons that were more than fun.  You have a new fan following you and eager to read not only The Tin Man (later this week), but your promised Knights of Avalon series coming next year.


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