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Series:  Taken into the Wolfpack #1

Author:  Sadie Koenig

Publish Date:   01.15.14

Publisher:  Sadie Koenig

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  D – many errors, some distraction

Received from:  Amazon purchase (free)

Goodreads link: Taken into the Wolfpack

Date completed: 05.26.14


Description from the publisher:

Sarah Kendricks finds herself daydreaming about a strong, mature man. Someone the exact opposite of nearly everyone on her campus. Sarah can't help but walk through the beautiful forest that cuts through her campus every night, enjoying the sights and sounds. What she doesn't know is that the forest is looking back at her. Stumbling upon something dark and ancient, Sarah is placed into grave danger. How can she ask her friends for help, if what she saw shouldn't even exist?


This is the first of three parts for this story.  They do need to be read in order.


WTF did I just read?  I get that it’s a short story (15 pages), but that does not explain the lack of story in this story.  There is a good start to a plot development, but that fizzles out and there is almost no character development.  Why is Sarah so in tune with nature?  Does she normally have dreams that allude to the future?  Who is the wolf?  Is he someone she knows, but doesn’t know that he is a wolf?  Two major issues were not addressed at all:  one wolf is not a pack and Sarah was not taken.  Where did that title come from?


I feel as though I am writing a review for a story that is unfinished.  Should I read the other two parts to complete the review?  What will you do?


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