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RUNNING HOME by T.A. Hardenbrook

Author:  T.A. Hardenbrook
Publish Date:   10.05.13
Publisher:  T.A. Hardenbrook
Category:  Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to violence and sexual content
Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused
Received from:  T.A. Hardenbrook (in exchange for an honest review)/Blog Tour
Goodreads:  Running Home
Date completed: 10.08.13

Description from the publisher:
Carmen always had a wild streak about her while growing up in this small town. Everyone use to say her only saving grace in this world was her best friend Walker who tried to keep the flighty girl grounded. But life was too big for her to live in this one stop light kind of town; she had dreams and wants that could take her anywhere but staying there. Anything was better than being stuck in the perpetuating cycle of being born and dying in this hell hole she called the reality of a small town girl.

Walker was the only anchor that could hold her home, she lived for that boy. So how do you explain to someone that staying there would only suffocate the possibilities of making a better life for oneself? Running away was the only option, and leaving a piece of her heart with him would keep her strong out in the real world, at least she hoped it would.

After years of trying to make it on her own, struggling through life and trying to stay clean, the only reality she sees at surviving now is going back to the place she tried so hard to break free from. Unsure if her old life is willing to accept the choices she has made, the lone thought that matters to her is hoping she still has the only man she has counted on her entire life in her corner. You can always go home, but will they be willing take you back?


As soon as she graduates, Carmen is leaving her small home town.  She’s going to shake the dust off her feet and go where her name can shine in lights.  She gets there, but is all that glitters really made of gold.  Is it enough?

Home is where the heart is, and Carmen had certainly left her heart back in South Dakota.  Luckily, she also had a heart to carry with her.  Hunter had loved her since they met as small children.  One phone call and he rushes to collect her.  She has had enough of the big city and wants nothing more than to run home and hope that she can salvage what’s left of her life.  He knows she has always been his best friend and his future.  Can he make her see that?

I love the strong personalities throughout this book.  There are doubts and misgivings voiced by each of the main characters, but ultimately they are both real in all of their perfections and imperfections.  I love how the story is told linearly, but with unusual and oddly spaced flashbacks that provide background into Carmen’s family.  Ms. Hardenbrook is able to paint a scene so that you feel that you have visited places you’ve never been.   I look forward to reading more stories from this gifted author.

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