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Series:  Knights of the Tarot #3

Author:  Nina Mason

Publish Date:   06.13.16

Publisher: Nina Mason Creations

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Nina Mason (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads link: Knight of Pentacles

Date completed: 06.13.16

Description from the publisher:

The future looks bleak for Jenna Cameron when, after a five-year engagement, her fiancé breaks it off the night before the wedding. Hoping to regroup, Jenna decides to drive alone to the cottage on Scotland’s mysterious Black Isle where they were supposed to spend their honeymoon. When her car breaks down, Jenna wonders if her troubles can get any worse. Then, while cutting through a secluded glen, she sees a handsome man bathing in a waterfall. The next day, she learns the man she saw is the faery knight who guards the portal into Avalon, the otherworld island ruled by Morgan Le Fay.

Jenna, ready to be rid of the virginity she’s saved in vain, offers herself to Sir Axel Lochlann, the shaman knight of Faery Glen. From that moment on, she finds herself inside a faery tale complete with druids, goblins, runic magic, and vampire owls. She also discovers powers she didn’t know she had—powers she can use to break Sir Axel’s bonds to Queen Morgan.

First, however, she must persuade Axel to put his desire to be free ahead of his duty to the queen he’s sworn to serve and obey.


This is the third book in the Knights of the Tarot series.  While each does stand on its own, there is an overarching storyline to be followed as well, so do yourself a favor – read them all and in order!  You’ll thank me later…. You’re welcome.

First, I have to say how much I love that book cover.  Those eyes!!  I must confess; I have it on one half of my computer screen while I type this just so I can love that face.  On the other hand, the blueness of his eyes must have been mentioned about fifty times, which became a little irritating.  Fortunately, that is the only bad thing I’m can say about this story.

I loved this story.  It is hands-down-terrific.  Nina Mason always provides wonderful real-life history mixed into her not-so-real-life romance.  She makes me want a faery knight of my own!  There is love, lust, adventure, and suspense, sprinkled with just a tiny bit of humor.  I couldn’t put it down (read it at traffic light stops, while in the bathroom, while walking down the hall at work, etc.). 

I truly related to Jenna’s past – family and fiancé belittling and condemning until she doubts her every word and action.  Luckily, she (and I) have torn loose from those holds and knows that she is right to stand with chin up and shoulders straight.  I am in love with Sir Axel.  He is a perfect mixture of alpha warrior, courtly gentleman, and romantic lover.

Knight of Swords, the next book in the series, is expected in January.  I am anxious to see what wonders are brought to us next!

The Knights of the Tarot series:

  1. Knight of Wands (previously released as Starry Knight)
  2. Knight of Cups (previously released as Dark and Stormy Knight)
  3. Knight of Pentacles

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  • The Tin Man
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