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Series:   The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #2

Author:  Lisa Renee Jones

Publish Date:   11.11.13

Publisher:  Julie Patra Publishing

Category:  New Adult, Romance

Recommended for:  18+

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused

Received from:  Lisa Renee Jones (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads:  Infinite Possibilities

Date completed: 11.08.13


Description from the publisher:

Secrets and lies. They are everywhere: haunting her, tormenting her. In the midst of it all, he’d been her escape, her passion. The only person she’d trusted in six years. And then he’d made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply. But as she’d once told him, she was damaged, not broken. She is ready to fight and not just for survival. She is fighting for the truth and she won’t stop until she has it, not even for…him.




This is the second book in the Secret Life of Amy Bensen series.  They must be read in order. 


Do not read this review unless you have already read Escaping Reality.


After hearing Liam and Derek talking, Amy runs.  She escapes Denver with the torn feelings of wanting to trust Liam, but not trusting after the conversation she overheard.  With so many factions wanting something from her, some even wanting her life, who can she believe?  Who can she trust?


I have read quite a few books from Lisa Renee Jones and loved every one of them so far.  Everyone who knows me knows that I have been waiting to read this follow-up to Escaping Reality.  I gifted a couple copies of ER to friends, just so that I wouldn’t have to be alone in waiting for IP.  I had it on my calendar to stay up for midnight Monday morning so that I could one-click as soon as it was there.   Instead, the awesome Lisa Renee Jones remembered my love of some of her previous books and had her PA contact me.  I fan-girled when I received my ARC for this book.  Seriously, hubby was supremely confused, even when I tried to explain to him why I was squealing and dancing.  Once I started reading, I could not put this down.  It is a page-turner adventure from beginning to end.  Amy/Lara’s journey to uncover the truth of her own history is heart-wrenching, intriguing, and compelling.


My advice:  put a do-not-disturb sign on the door and tell your significant other that they are in charge of feeding the kids.


The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series:

  1. Escaping Reality
  2. Infinite Possibilities
  3. Forsaken
  4. Unbroken


Also from Lisa Renee Jones:

Please visit her website at: to locate a printable book list.




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