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HOWL by Scarlett Grove

Title:  HOWL
Series:  Spirit Moon #1
Author:  Scarlett Grove
Publish Date:   01.10.14
Publisher:  Scarlett Grove
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect
Received from:  Amazon purchase (free)
Goodreads link: Howl
Date completed: 05.27.14

Description from the publisher:

***Intended for Adult Audiences***
 This is a novella of about 17,000 words that is Part 1 of 3 in BBW Paranormal Erotic Romance Serial.  WARNING: CLIFFHANGER! 

Jane is a recent college grad has a strange gift- she sees things in her dreams. After she wakes up from a dream of her boyfriend cheating, she realizes she's in need of a change. A man leaves a magazine on the counter of the cafe where she works, which helps to finally land her a job in her field. Who wants to work in a cafe with a Master's degree?

Jane sets out from St. Louis to a ranch in Montana where she meets Nathanial Ellis, the enigmatic and distant father of the child she is hired to tutor. The little girl, Morgan, is haunted by the death of her mother. After a false start, Jane and Morgan realize they have a lot in common. If Jane can rationalize her sensual dreams about the beautiful young man and help Morgan deal with the death of her mother, she might be able to stay on at Bear Creek Ranch. That is, of course, if the wolves don't get her first.


I ran through the garden, full of the ripening abundance of spring time. My lungs breathed the beauty in the air. My bare feet touched soft, new grass. I twirled around, dancing. Petals fell in my hair. When I slowed down, I saw him. A boy. He stood before me in the garden. Tall and strong with waving blond hair. His hand reached out for me.

"Who are you?" I asked in the underwater dialog of dreams.

"I'm him."


"I'm Owen."

I took his hand, and he pulled me into his chest. He was dressed in an old-fashioned white shirt and black slacks. His feet were as bare as mine. His touch intensified the waves of sensation on my skin. I giggled and clung to him. He felt good. His body was supple and strong, as if he spent his time swimming in lakes and running wild through the vast Montana woods.

"How did you get here?" I asked him, clinging to his chest. He smelled of honey and deep forest.

"I've always been here. It is you who have just arrived."

"Good. We can be together now."

I took his hand and pulled him through the garden. We ran with the soft grass between our toes. Laughter echoed in the hazy dream world. He caught me up and twirled me around until the stars poked through the blue sky.

"Come with me," he said, as he led me by the hand through the garden.

We passed an ancient oak grove until we came to a little rocky stream. On a grassy ledge, we sat with our feet dipping into the cool water. Behind us was a bough of soft ivy that arched over a bed of moss.

"This place is enchanted," he said holding my hand. I tilted my face up to his, the waves of my Titian hair cascading down my ivory back. He bent down and pressed his lips to mine. Fireworks exploded inside me sending little sparks through my chest and between my legs.

Our kisses deepened, and he held me intimately close. I felt soft and languid, like the petals of a rose. The back of his knuckles caressed my cheek as he drew me into the bed of moss below the arch of ivy. I let him take me there. I lay my head in the soft green lichen, my hair spilling around me, my curvaceous body open and willing.

This is the first book in the Spirit Moon series and they do need to be read in order.

This is what a short-story should be!  The story, characters, and scenery were all well-developed.  I love everything paranormal, and this book has ghosts, werewolves, and pre-cog dreaming.  Ms. Grove has taken the time to provide descriptive phrasing that pulled me into St. Louis and onto a ranch in the middle of nowhere, Montana.  No character is so small as to be overlooked; each was well-defined and full of their own personality. 

I love the child, Morgan.  I have been a nanny and that first meeting is always awkward.  Add in the unique circumstances of her young life and that initial reaction is quite understandable and forgivable.

I absolutely do want to read the other two books available in this series.  Thank you, Ms. Grove, for providing a wonderful short story and then going the extra yards to continue the story.

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  2. Crave
  3. Claimed
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