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EMERGE by S.E. Hall

Title:  EMERGE

Series:  Evolve #1
Author:  S.E. Hall

Publish Date:   11.18.13

Publisher:  S.E. Hall

Category /Genre:  Romance, N/A

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Received from:  S.E. Hall (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads:  Emerge

Date completed: 12.17.13


Description from the publisher:

Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern tomboy who lets few get too close, using her sarcastic zingers to deflect. She also has no idea how others view her since Evan, her best friend, has coveted her since they were children. But college puts a gap between Laney and Evan that neither of them were prepared for- old relationships are tested, new ones are formed and nothing will ever be the same.

Especially when in walks one Dane Kendrick, not at all the familiar, southern charmer of home, but an animal all his own.

A story of growing up, friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love...and life.

N/A Coming of Age- MATURE audiences.



When Laney doesn’t get into the same college as her best friend, Evan, their budding romance is tested.  During the freshman “crawl,”  Laney and her roommate Bennett meet the guys in room 114.  Soon the guys and girls are officially “the crew.”  Tate’s brother, Dane, is instantly struck by Laney who has no idea just how beautiful and desirable she is.  Soon, Laney must decide between the boy she has always known and this exciting man of mystery, charm, and money.


Debut novel?  Really?  S.E. Hall has a bright future in writing.  Her debut NA Coming-of-Age story is perfectly mastered.  Each character has complete and individual personalities that are brought to shine.  Luckily, I have the next two in this series and can continue immediately.


 Other books in the series:

  1. Emerge
  2. Embrace
  3. Entangled
  4. Entice





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