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Author:  Claire Firth

Publish Date:   04.26.14

Publisher:  Mulberry Publishing

Category /Genre:  Erotic Regency Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused

Received from:  Claire Firth (in exchange for an honest review)

Tour by:  Bare Naked Words

Goodreads link: Desperate Measures

Date completed: 05.12.14


Description from the publisher:

Lady Isabelle Pennington has been put off sex for life. Married off by her family to an abusive man 35 years her senior, she is now widowed and virtually penniless. His debauched lifestyle and treatment of her has left her deeply scarred and vowing that never again will she allow other people to run her life.


Guy Montford has had one wife walk out on him and has no wish to enter the matrimonial stakes again. But when he and Isabelle are thrown together, he begins to see through her cold exterior and finds himself becoming obsessed by her aloof beauty despite himself.


To begin with Isabelle wants nothing to do with this imposing Duke who has dragged her into his life, but then to her shock she realises that he does not repulse her as her first husband had done. Indeed for the first time ever, she actually starts to enjoy the exquisite sensations he arouses in her.


Two damaged people intent on maintaining their independence. But both turn out to be highly passionate - and once passion flares it can be difficult to control!


After a few moments he opened his eyes to look at her.  ‘You are a witch,’ he rumbled, taking a strand of her silky hair in his hand and winding it around his fingers..  ‘And I confess to not knowing quite how to take you.  In one breath you claim to abhor sex in any shape or form, and on the other …’ he gave her a rueful smile, ‘I have to say, you give the best hand massage it has ever been my good fortune to receive.  I trust I did not become too much like an animal as I indulged my carnal appetite?’


She had the grace to blush as he reminded her of her words, and he watched the spread of colour with satisfaction... 


My only complaint with this story is that it is over.


After each has survived horrible first marriages, Isabella and Guy have sworn off marrying again.  His honor and her desperation lead them to a marriage of convenience.  Can their marriage ever develop into lust, or maybe even love?


I loved this historical romance novella.  I could not put it down.  I could completely relate to Isabella, but I was rooting for Guy in the end!  Isabella is strong-willed while still feminine and refined.  She could be crude, but would still blush – so much like me!  I can only hope to find a man like Guy.


I want to read more from Claire Firth. 


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Thank you Bare Naked Words for hosting this tour.

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