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BEDTIME CONFESSIONS by Sarah Michelle Lynch

Author:  Sarah Michelle Lynch
Publish Date:   09.08.13
Publisher:  Sarah Michelle Lynch
Category:  Erotica
Received from:  purchased on
Recommended for:  adults only due to sexual content and situations
Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect
Goodreads:  Bedtime Confessions
Date completed: 09.15.13
Description from the publisher:
The Chambermaid learnt her craft inside the secretive confines of The Lodge, hidden deep within Nottingham's Sherwood Forest.

In the hotel she worked in, she used her skills as a domme to teach men lessons they took home to their wives.

Word of her service spread and she became renowned; synonymous with enriching the sex lives of so many.

But something happened… she fell in love. She left the Master of her heart behind… for some reason.

As she turns to professional domination as a dominatrix, she recalls her adventures both in a professional and personal capacity.

What's clear is – this is a woman of towering complexity. But perhaps, her innermost thoughts – those of her true self – may answer some questions about why she does what she does.

**Content for adults only**
I had not read A FINE PROFESSION before taking on BEDTIME CONFESSIONS.  I think I would have preferred if I had.  Each short story has a middle and an end, but it is obvious that there is much more to the stories as a whole.  Each story is intended to stand on its own, but there is an underlying continuity that is not resolved.  I hope when I do pick up A FINE PROFESSION that helps to provide the missing cohesiveness needed.

Chambermaid series:

  1. A Fine Profession
  2. Bedtime Confessions
  3. A Fine Pursuit
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