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BABY GIRL RUINED by Scott Hildreth


Series:  Erik Ead Erotica Series

Author:  Scott Hildreth

Publish Date:   08.24.13

Publisher:  Scott Hildreth Books

Category /Genre:  BDSM, Erotica, Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to graphic sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Goodreads:  Baby Girl Ruined

Date completed: 01.18.14


Description from the publisher:

36 year old psychiatrist Erik Ead is Dominant, tattooed, covered in muscles, and rides a motorcycle. He is unforgiving when it comes to sex, and he doesn't do relationships. When he meets Kelli, a 22 year old rich girl, he is immediately drawn to her. His only requirement? That she submit sexually - without reservation.

Kelli is out of college for the summer, and is scheduled to go to Columbia University after the summer is over. Initially, Erik attempts to begin a sex only relationship with her for the summer. Kelli is interested, as she doesn't want to begin a relationship either.

What happens is not what either of them expect or initially desire. They soon learn that they are what each other not only prefers, but truly desires.

Baby Girl is real, raw, and unfiltered Dominance and submission as it happens in real life. Without a doubt, you'll find a little of yourself in this novel. If you are not aware of what these relationships consist of, please be prepared. This book is a true mind f*ck.

The first of a four book series, this book can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. It has a very satisfying ending.

BDSM, D/s, Dominance, Submission, Alpha male, Biker romance, biker erotica, MC romance, MC erotica, Motorcycle Club, Motorcycle Club romance, If you enjoyed Aurora Rose Reynolds Until November, Until Trevor, E. L. James, 50 Shades of Grey, Harper Sloan, or Rebel, Amanda Jason, Skyla Madi, or Lili St Germain, you'll certainly enjoy this novel. Happy Ever After, No Cliffhanger, Male Erotica Author,



Erik Ead is a tattooed, dominant, psychiatrist whose inheritance means he never has to work.  Kelli is the spoiled daughter of the owner of the local BMW dealership.  She is also very intelligent, beautiful, and strong.  She is home for the summer with plans to return to college for her MBA so that she can take over the dealership for her father.  Neither of them do relationships, no-strings-attached is their motto, until they meet.  What has begun as a journey to own and to submit may evolve to be more than either has ever known they desired.


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This story is told from the dual perspectives of Kelli and Erik.  A perfect example of a D/s relationship as it forms between an experienced Dom and an uninitiated natural submissive.  I most identified with Kelli and her brave steps into this experience she instinctually knew she wanted.  I appreciated that she was intelligent and strong.  She is not submissive because she is a doormat.  She is submissive because that is her innate personality to be giving; her greatest joy is in making sure her Sir is happy.  Additionally, I loved being inside of Erik's head to better understand the Dom personality.  Then there is the ending.  Sigh.  Such a sweet and tender moment shared.  But it is not the end.  This is only the first book in a series of stories about Erik and Kelli.  I want these other books!


My favorite line is actually in the forward of this book:  "You may find a little of yourself in this story.  If you do, embrace it.  You're not as broken as you think."  Then at about the 27% point of the book, Erik is contemplating the difference between the naturally submissive woman versus a woman who submits by choice.  This mental conversation spoke to me and reinforced ideas that have been in my own mind.  I am not broken, and neither are you!


One note:  Mr. Hildreth shamelessly plugs one of his former books, BROKEN PEOPLE.  I don't know how much it furthered this story, but I intend to pick up a copy to see if it does.


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  2. For the Ones We Love
  3. Let’s Be Honest
  4. Love That Just Is

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