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Series:  Hollywood Hotties #1

Author:  Mia Fox

Publish Date:   06.13.13

Publisher:  Evatopia Press

Genre: Romance  

Recommended for:  16+, due to questions of sexual identity

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Received from:  Mia Fox (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads:  Alert the Media

Date completed: 09.27.13


Description from the publisher:

When you’re an entertainment publicist, there’s no better cure for a broken heart than to Alert the Media...

April and Ryan Monahan are the perfect Hollywood couple. He’s a handsome actor on the rise; she’s a high-powered entertainment publicist. Her job becomes more demanding, however, when Ryan announces he is gay and wants a divorce.

Believing that her persuasive power over the press will give Ryan the publicity he craves, April launches a swift media campaign to make him realize that he can’t live without her. But Ryan has decided that he likes the dating scene and April’s boss insists that she keep him happy as his account is important to the firm.

To her dismay, April is forced to protect her firm’s bottom line by maintaining Ryan’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob while enduring her own heartbreak. As she picks up the pieces of her destroyed marriage, April is determined to compete with Ryan for power, publicity, and true love -- even when her imagination takes her from the board room to the bedroom.

To save her sanity, her corner office, and her two dogs from becoming caught up in an ugly custody battle, April constructs a plan to use her media savvy skills to her advantage.



Ladies, we’ve all been there:  You’re with a guy for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, more… and one day he says “I’m outta here!”  That’s what happened to April.  She was married to, and publicist for, Ryan Monahan, one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, and one day he tells her wants a divorce, oh and he’s decided he’s gay!  There is not enough ice cream in the world to soothe that broken heart.  Insult to injury, she is still his publicist and has to get his image through this rocky patch without losing her own mind!


An honest and hilarious look into the mind of a woman jilted and scorned.  April’s fantasies are over-the-top, but real.  When we worry or fantasize, we are all over-the-top!  Luckily, April has a support team of parents, sister, best friend, and co-workers who help her through her own brave new world.


Favorite quote:  "I left the massive room, waving the majestic bird at all of them."


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  2. Keeping Up


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