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SCARS OF LOVE by Sienna Stapleton

Series:  Small Town #2
Author:  Sienna Stapleton
Publish Date:  05.20.14
Publisher:  Sienna Stapleton
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors
Received from:  Sienna Stapleton (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Scars of Love
Date completed: 07.11.14

Description from the publisher:
A second chance at romance in a small town...

Seven years after their divorce Mac and Maureen seem to be closer than ever. From the beginning they vowed to do their best to be supportive parents. Who knew that vow would also lead to a deeper and more meaningful friendship.

As lead Deputy in the Sheriff’s department of a small town, Mac’s cynical heart is beginning to believe in second chances when he looks into Maureen’s eyes and finds love staring back. When Maureen witnesses a crime and her life is placed in danger he knows he’ll risks everything to protect her.

Will Mac convince Maureen to risk the delicate bond of friendship they’ve made for something more? Can he protect her from the danger that threatens to take her from him? One thing he knows for sure. No matter what happens, their lives will never be the same.


This is the second book in the Small Town series.  It is a stand-alone contemporary romance, but you’ll WANT to read the first book in the series.

Between pride and obstinance keeping them apart and protectiveness and desire reuniting them, it was a major theme-park roller coaster of a ride!

When Maureen is witness to a crime, Mac is her stalwart hero and guardian who will risk anything to protect her. Seven years after their divorce, neither Mac nor Maureen has moved on.  They both are willing to admit to themselves that they still love each other, but they won’t admit it to anyone else.  Thank God they have Hannah, a sweet child that is the cement to their relationship.  It is a relationship that never should have ended, and seems destined to be re-consummated.  Will Mac convince her to take a second chance with him or will the bad guys end their story?

As much as I loved PRICE OF LOVE, I want to marry and have SCARS OF LOVE’s babies.  Maybe because I am older and more closely relate to the more mature characters, this story spoke to me more than most contemporary romance.  This is a fantastic story about taking a second chance at a love that has never died.  It is also a story of protectiveness and unfailing desire.  If he weren’t so in love with Maureen, I would want Mac to be my boyfriend.  

Ms. Stapleton has a new devoted fan and I will want to read everything she creates for us.

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          1.     Price of Love
          2.     Scars of Love
Curves Series:
1.       Reckless Curves
2.       Reckless Curves 2


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