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YES, SIR by Ellis Carrington

Title:  YES, SIR

Author:  Ellis Carrington

Publish Date:   07.06.13

Publisher:  Ellis Carrington

Category /Genre:  M/M Erotica

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Date completed: 02.15.14

Goodreads link: (title) Yes Sir


Description from the publisher:

A New Orleans vacation takes an interesting turn when Grayson Harper lets a friend drag him along to see a voodoo priestess for a love spell. Suddenly he's having very vivid dreams about a mystery man that seem all too real, and doing things in them he never thought possible. But what will become of the man of his dreams once he leaves the magic of the French quarter?

Please note: This is a gay romance short story, for mature readers only. Contains explicit man on man action and tasty New Orleans cuisine.


... "Don't worry. I won't restrain you for your first time." The man, who hadn't yet given his name, stood. Like he expected Gray to grab hold and follow.

Like that, Gray's pulse took a pause and his mouth went barren. Desert dry.

"Wait." Gray's fingers hovered just shy of grasping the man's hand. What were they talking about? They had sat politely across the table discussing rules of play over the griddle-seared gulf fish and fresh berries like it was one of Gray's installation projects.

Only this was Gray's body they were discussing. He didn't have a single submissive bone in him.

"We'll stop," the man said. "The second I do anything you don't like."

A thousand doubts tumbled in Gray's gut as they linked fingers and walked through darkened streets to an even darker basement...


After being disowned by his parents for his sexual orientation, Grayson Harper put himself through school and made a success of his business.  He works 16 hours days and rarely relaxes.  Grayson Harper is a workaholic.  Luckily, he has two life-long friends who love him enough to insist on semi-regular vacations with them.  During their recent vacation to New Orleans, his friend Jerry drags him in to meet with a voodoo priestess.  Now he’s met a man in his dreams, a man who has him submitting, when he believes himself to be dominant.


This is a short story with a fully-developed plot and well-defined characters.  Lust and humor squeezed into a tiny little package.  Don’t lick the package!  I’m not sure how a Kindle will react to being licked and I’d hate to see you electrocuted.  I’d love to read some more from this author for a hot, little time.


Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect


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