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WELCOME TO HELL by Demlza Carlton


Series:  Mel Goes to Hell #1

Author:  Demelza Carlton

Publish Date:   02.22.14

Publisher:  Lost Plot Press

Category /Genre:  Paranormal, Humor, Short Story

Recommended for:  18+

Received from:  Amazon purchase (free)

Date completed: 05.01.14

Goodreads link: Welcome to Hell

Description from the publisher:

"Good morning. Welcome to HELL."

Mel hates job interviews - and this one's shaping up to be the interview from Hell.

From the grumpy receptionist to the disturbingly demonic interview panel and the sleazy CEO, it seems landing her first job is the least of Mel's worries.

Can she make it out of the office alive without selling her soul?


Lilith opened the door, waiting for Mel to leave first. Mel did so, almost running into a man in a dark suit.

His coffee splashed high, yet he caught most of it in his cup. Not a spot landed on Mel - just one on the man's shoe. "Damn," he swore, swiping at it with a black handkerchief that appeared almost instantly in his hand. As he rose from his crouch, he took in Mel's attire, from her toes to her raised eyebrows.

He summoned a smile that clashed with the stormy expression in his eyes. "I don't believe I've seen you in the office before and I make it a point to know all of my staff intimately." He handed the dripping cup to Mel's haughty interviewer, who took it without a murmur, even as some of the coffee slopped onto Lilith's shoes.

He held out his hand to shake Mel's. "Luce Iblis, CEO of the HELL Corporation."

Mel gave him her fingers, in such a way that he couldn't crush them in his firm handshake.

"I'm Mel," she began.

"This is her first time here. She's being interviewed for a position here at Health, Environment, Life and Lands Corporation - as my executive officer," Lilith said.

Luce's eyes stared hungrily at Mel as she lowered her gaze. "Is that so? I suspect I'll be seeing a lot more of you very soon, then. I look forward to welcoming you to HELL."


This is the first book in the trilogy, actually a short story and it is available on Amazon as a free book.  They do need to be read in order.

Everyone knows that we all work in Hell.  It doesn’t matter where you work, it is hell.

Now imagine if the devil – the real red-skinned, horns on his head, pointy tailed, Lucifer was your boss.  No, really. 

Now imagine that he has a plan to take over the world. 

As an Angel, it would be your job to try to put a blockade to that, right?  Of course, first, you have to get the job to be on-site.

Now, imagine that interviews are your own personal brand of Hell.  

Mel (Melody Angel) has been asked to participate in an interview at The Health, Environment, Life and Lands Corporation.  She is to take a look around and see what she can find out during the interview.

I thoroughly enjoyed this humorous look into corporate interviews and the trials of being a commuter.  The story is set in Australia, as is the author’s real life, so there is some mental adjustment needed for the American brain and experiences. 

I made the mistake of reading book two before this one.  SEE YOU IN HELL does stand on its own, but why miss out on reading the short-story first?  I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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