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SEE YOU IN HELL by Demelza Carlton


Series:  Mel Goes to Hell #2

Author:  Demelza Carlton

Publish Date:   04.27.14

Publisher:  Lost Plot Press

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Humor

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Demelza Carlton (in exchange for an honest review)

Date completed: 05.01.14

Goodreads link: See You in Hell

Description from the publisher:

Hate your job? Try working in HELL!

Melody Angel takes a job as a temp at the HELL Corporation. Surrounded by eternal bureaucracy gone mad, demons who love making life miserable, and dying for a decent coffee, it may take a miracle for Mel's mission to succeed. She must find out what evil plans the Lord of Lies has up his sleeve and stop him, using any means necessary. Lucifer and his minions are out to take over the world, but there's more than money at stake when the Devil drives.

Adding trouble and temptation to Mel's job is Luce Iblis, the damnably hot CEO, who has set his smouldering eyes on the new office angel and is determined to claim her, body and soul.

Can ultimate evil and angelic perfection escape a limbo of desire and find a paradise of their own?


"Do you know how long you've made me wait?" Luce lifted his chin. "Close the door."

Mel turned and kicked the door shut with the sole of one shoe. The click of it closing coincided with her eyes meeting Luce's once more.

"Now strip and get your arse on the desk," Luce instructed.

Mel stared at him. He couldn't be serious, could he?

"Every other girl in this building knows how to do as she's told. Do you know how many girls I've had on this desk? You should consider yourself lucky. The last one I had in here was so quick getting undressed that I managed to give her a full fifteen minutes of my time. At this rate, you'll be lucky to have five."

Mel became transfixed by the timber desktop. "Did you wipe it clean afterwards?"

"What?" Luce's face reddened.

"Did you wipe it clean afterwards?" Mel repeated patiently. "I mean, you work on it every day. Imagine how many diseases and strange germs each of your, er, accommodating staff members were carrying when they placed their bare behinds on your desk."

The shock on Luce's face was priceless. He edged his chair away from the suddenly suspicious surface.


This is book two of the MEL GOES TO HELL trilogy.  Though they do need to be read in order, I found out that this book can stand on its own.  I accidently read this first and then read the first book, WELCOME TO HELL, which is actually a short-story.

 Mel has accepted a position at The Health, Environment, Life and Lands Corporation.  She needs to identify Lucifer and determine his plan for bringing Hell to Earth as has been his agenda throughout millennia.  Now the CEO, a demon named Luce Iblis, has decided to pursue the angelic Melody Angel.  Can Mel dodge the CEO, find and defeat Lucifer, and make it out of HELL without losing her soul?

 Love, Love, Loved this story.  I’ve said it before, all work is HELL.  Some days are worse than others.  Ms. Carlton has written a story that is humorous, sexy, and unique.  Perhaps we would all enjoy our own brand of Hell if it were more like The Corporation in this series.  The interaction between Mel and the various demons who are her co-workers, along with a few angels also in her circle of friends, had me laughing, snorting, and sneaking a few more words of reading at every chance I could find.  I am looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy.  Oh, HELL!  Where will she take us next?

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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