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ONE WEEK by Zoey Derrick

Release day blitz
Title:  ONE WEEK

Author:  Zoey Derrick

Publish Date: 07.29.14

Publisher:  Self-published

Category /Genre:  BBW, BDSM Erotica, Erotic Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Zoey Derrick (in exchange for an honest review)

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused

Date completed: 07.29.14

Goodreads link: One Week


Description from the publisher:

ONE WEEK is all it will take...


A week in Las Vegas and she will feel better about herself. At least that is what Dacotah Miller is hoping will be the case.


Left at the altar, heart-broken and ashamed, Dacotah takes the opportunity offered by her girlfriends - the chance to get away. The opportunity to escape her mundane life in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin.


But what Dacotah doesn't know is that lurking in Las Vegas is the chance of a lifetime, a dream come true, in the form of Derek Hunter.


Derek, in town on business, can't seem to focus on his purpose once Dacotah walks into his field of vision. She beautiful and just what he needs to cure his desire for a good woman in his bed. Only she presents a challenge to him unlike anything he's ever experienced before.


Dacotah will be wrapped up in a whirlwind of unexpected events that will force her to make a decision, life changing choice. Does she get on the plane back to boring Wisconsin and wonder what might have been? Or will she step on board a private jet that promises to take her on a journey she will never forget?


***** Content Warning *****

This book contains explicit sex, language and an indecent proposal from a billionaire. Story contains strong BDSM themed scenes and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a stand-alone novel, but there are characters from the Love’s Wings series who make an appearance.


This is a little bit of FSOG meets reality.  Either Ms. Derrick is in the scene or she knows people who have talked openly to her, because this is a lot closer to how the lifestyle is lived than FSOG portrays.  There is also more than a passing nod to Pretty Woman and Indecent Proposal – gee, Zoey, what are your favorite movies? LOL


Then there is chapter 57.  All I’m going to say is make sure you have a leash on your kindle so that it doesn’t actually hit the floor.  Honestly.  I got online after reading it to tell Ms. Derrick that she was evil (in the best kind of way).  She provides the aftercare needed in the remaining chapters.  It is worth the angst!


I love the story.  Steaming love balanced with life in all of its little worries, interruptions, and fun.  Only sleep and work interrupted my reading.  I love the characters.  I want to be Dacotah…. not what she went through at the beginning of the book.  The douche ex I have, thank you very much.  I want the HEA that she found after dropping his slimy ass.


Zoey Derrick has knocked another one out of the ball park!


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