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Series:  Rhythm of the Heart #2
Author:  Scarlett Jade
Publish Date:   05.09.14
Publisher:  Scarlett Jade
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Multicultural
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Scarlett Jade (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 06.24.14
Goodreads link: November Foxtrot

Description from the publisher:
Zoe is left all alone in Colorado when Calvin returns to Afghanistan. And now, as the weeks pass, she has a secret...a secret that could crumble the precarious foundation of their relationship. 

As Christmas comes one shock after another leaves everything hanging in the balance... Life, death, and hope...Will they be able to ring in the New Year in happiness, or will the holidays be ruined?

This is book two in the Rhythm of the Heart series.  They do need to be read in order.

After the wedding, Zoe and Calvin moved to Colorado, before he was shipped off to Afghanistan.  Feeling alone and depressed, Zoe is having trouble coping with the deployment.  After receiving some news from her doctor, she decides to return to Major, AL to spend time with the only family she now has, Calvin’s grandparents and his little sister.  While there she has to deal with the advances of her ex-boyfriend, the bitterness of Layla, surprises, and complications.  When Calvin is able to come home for Christmas, he is bombarded by the multitude issues she is facing.  Is it too much for such a new marriage?

*** Tissue alert ***

I just want to hug Zoe and tell her everything will be okay.  She has a friend.  She is not alone, ever.  Layla needs a spanking, but most 17 year olds do.  Grandma and Pops are both so supportive, but I love Pop’s no-nonsense manner and advice.  Calvin – sigh! – He is so strong and sure of himself without being an asshat (most of the time).

Since this is loosely based on Scarlett’s life with Llerxt, I am even more in love with them as a couple and will be doubling up on the virtual hugs I send to them.

This book is a personal journey in those first few months of marriage, interrupted by all that life can throw at a couple.  It is a story of hope, trust, and friendships that make a difference.  It is also a story of faithfulness and learning to depend upon each other.

A personal note to Scarlett:  Scar – I cried when I read about Zoe’s pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.  I was thinking of your daughter’s birth and seeing it so lovingly portrayed in this book – knowing what I know.  I need to say you are a brave, wonderful momma and I know Sophie is proud of you!  Many, many hugs.

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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