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HONOR ME by Chelle Bliss

Title:  HONOR ME
Series:  Men of Inked #6
Author:  Chelle Bliss
Publish Date:   05.10.2016
Publisher:  Chelle Bliss
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect
Received from: Chelle Bliss (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Honor Me
Date completed: 04.30.2016

Description from the publisher:

I had everything I ever wanted—a wife, a kid, with two more on the way. I was living the American dream.

After the babies were born, we hit a rough patch. I did everything to prove my love, to show Suzy that nothing was more important than her. After some work and a lot of time, we found our groove again.

Just when life had evened out, a familiar enemy came back to haunt us. It wasn’t my past that followed us, but my brother’s. When the danger gets too close, I’ll do anything to defend my family. There’s nothing more important than the people I love, and I’ll protect what’s mine—even if it costs me my life.


Over all, this is the tenth book in the Men of Inked series, but it is the sixth full length story.  I recommend reading the full series and in order.  After ten books in this series, plus the cross-overs from her other series, there are a lot of names and back stories that are easier to keep straight if you have read it all.  And it’s worth reading it all!

(chanting) City! City! City!!  Oh, wait! I don’t think anyone called him City in this whole book.  Now he is the mature, responsible Joe, but he’s still the same dirty City I love.  His unfaltering adoration of Suzy and his entire family is the cornerstone of this story. 

What happens after “they lived happily ever after?”  Chelle Bliss has brought us back to the Gallo family and shows us what HEA really means.  It may not mean a fairy tale life, but it definitely is a love worth living.  The ups and downs only serve to build a family to be stronger. 

As an older person, I’m especially enamored with Ma and Pop Gallo.  Thank you for this example of a vibrant, healthy (read that as sexy), older couple. 

Thank you Chelle for returning to our Men (and women) of Inked! 

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3.5  Resisting
4.    Uncover Me
4.5  Rebound (Night Shift Anthology)
5.    Without Me
6.     Honor Me
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Suzy glared at me. “What’s this we shit?  I’m the one with two aliens inside of me, trying to claw their way out of my body. I’m the only one pushing them out of my tiny vagina. Not you. Not her. Me She waved her hands frantically in the air.  “I’m the one doing everything while you sit there calm, sexy, and without your body splitting in two.  I’m going to be the one tearing wide open as I push two humans and their giant Gallo heads out of my body”  She collapsed, gasping for air, and closed her eyes.

I bit my lip.  Pregnant Suzy was unpredictable, but in-labor Suzy was just downright scary. “I know, sugar. You’re doing all the hard work. I’m just here to cheer you on and support you.”

Her nostrils flared and her eyes grew wide when she glanced up.  “Support me? If you want to support me, you’ll never knock me up again. You want to cheer me on?”  She rolled her eyes and made a noise low in her throat. “Stop fucking talking.”

I braced myself, waiting for her head to do a 360. I brought my mouth right next to her ear. ‘My sweet little wife, you beg for my cock every day. It takes two to tango, sweetheart.  I didn’t put you in that bed.” I lowered my voice further, whispering, “Your sweet little cunt did.”

She closed her eyes again and moaned. “You’re just too damn good. I can’t keep my hands to myself. It’s still your fault, my dear husband.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I burst into laughter. “Now, I fuck you too good?”

“Yes!” she screeched, pounding her fist on the crappy, plastic hospital bed. “If you weren’t so good at it, I wouldn’t be lying here right now.”

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