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HER BEAR PROTECTOR by Bonnie Burrows



Series:  Bear Protector #1

Author:  Bonnie Burrows

Publish Date:   05.22.14

Publisher:  Bonnie Burrows

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Short-story

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content and violence

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Date completed: 07.02.14

Goodreads link: Her Bear Protector
Description from the publisher:

"A Must Read Bear Shifter Romance!"

Curvy Kyla takes herself out to her cabin in order to focus on her artwork and have some all-important “me-time”. Little does she know, there is huge danger in the deep woods that surround her cabin and an unarmed female such as Kyla is fair game for the criminals and wild beasts that lie within the territory.

Enter the mysterious and incredibly attractive Aaron. A huge musclebound man with the ability to transform into an even bigger dark bear. He tells her the only way she will survive out here is if he can take care of her and protect her.

That is, to take care of her in more ways then just one...

Disclaimer: Contains scenes of a sexual nature, 18+

Note: This BBW Paranormal romance features a plus-size theme and so only read this if you enjoy these themes.

This is the first book in the Bear Protector trilogy.  They do need to be read in order.

A nice, fast-paced, short story.  A BBW, paranormal, love story.  It was a good escape from the boredom of life.  I liked Kyla, but I loved Aaron.  Aaron is a gentle giant with jewel-like green eyes.  He’s possessive, protective, and passionate.  The alpha of his den of were-bears, he is contemplative and intelligent.

There were parts that were a little rushed.  For example, Kyla’s rambling when she is told that Aaron is a bear.  There were so many thoughts possible and the whole spaghetti pot was thrown against the wall.  This could have been mitigated by the two of them joking afterwards about her saying every thought that went through her head or by making it a more internal conversation for her.

An excellent first publication.  Ms. Burrows will do well in the literary world.

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Bear Protector Trilogy:

  1. Her Bear Protector
  2. Her Bear Protector: Part 2
  3. Marrying Her Bear Protector


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