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GIVE ME DESIRE by Zoey Derrick


Series:  Reason, #3

Author:  Zoey Derrick

Publish Date:   12.30.13

Publisher:  Zoey Derrick

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Recommended for:  16+ due to adult situations

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Zoey Derrick (in exchange for an honest review)

Tour by:  Reading Between the Lines

Goodreads:  Give Me Desire

Date completed: 02.02.14


Description from the publisher:

VIVIENNE CALLAHAN, discharged from the hospital after surviving a near-fatal attack from Riley, her abusive ex-boyfriend, has come to the safety of Mikah’s protection. As she continues to heal physically and mentally from her ordeal, she begins to have strange dreams...dreams that follow her into waking life and hint at a fate she never could’ve foreseen and dangers far greater than Riley.


Meanwhile, MIKAH BLAKE has some ideas about her future, too, and the more she considers his proposals, the weaker her resistance to him becomes. His recent actions have taught her to respect and trust him, but soon her feelings for him threaten to deepen into something more, something she may not be ready for.


In the third book of the Reason series, Vivienne will discover who and what she and the people around her really are.


"Mikah, Vivienne has decided that she wants to know the sex of her baby. Do you want to know, too?" Dr. A. asks.


Mikah's face lights up. "If she wants to know, then I'd like to know, too." The whole time he says this, it's as though his eyes are boring into me, searching, seeking, wanting. Similar to the way he looked at me when I first met him at the diner.


"Okay then," Dr. A. says. She walks around to the other side of the bed from the ultrasound machine and places the device into a holder of some sort that is attached to the bed. "How's the view, Mikah?"

I now notice the little image in the corner of the screen that shows what Mikah can see. It isn't much, really: a little bit of my bump, but more of the machine that Dr. Alston is now standing at. She turns the monitor toward us. "This might be a little shaky on your end, Mikah."


"Alright. Viv, you okay?"


"Yeah," I say to Mikah.


Dr. A. proceeds to push my sweatshirt and tank top up so that my belly is exposed. Once that’s done, she goes for the bottle and squirts nice, warm gel along the lower half of my belly. Then she brings out the small, flat-headed wand and gently presses it to my stomach.


Everything is very quiet as Dr. Alston does her thing with pushing buttons.


I can see the baby's heart pumping wildly. She pushes another button and the echoing sound of a heartbeat fills the room.


She moves the wand around a little more and the head comes into focus. It looks similar to last time, but this time it's bigger; there isn't as much black surrounding the baby as the first time.


She points to the monitor. "There are the eyes, nose, lips and chin. See this string of pearls? That's the baby's spine." I watch as the baby moves. "Oh, I see. A little showoff." She laughs and moves the wand again. "There's an arm, and the other one is...right there." She moves her finger up on the screen, pointing at a faint, translucent white line in the background, leading up to a cluster of shorter white lines. "The other hand."


She moves her hand down further on the screen at the same time she moves the wand. "A leg," she says.


I'm starting to be able to see what she's pointing out. She moves the wand again to my right side, and I can see feet. Two of them with little tiny bones. As if on cue, the baby spreads its legs, and one foot goes off the screen.


This is book three in the Reason Series.  These books definitely need to be read in order.


Upon finally being allowed to leave the hospital, Viv accepts Mikah’s hospitality, while also learning more about who and what she is during her dream visits to Elysium.  Mikah has more that he wants to provide for her.  Will she accept all that he offers?


This is a nice, light read.  It left me feeling very relaxed and happy.  I am captivated by the world that Ms. Derrick has created for Viv and Mikah.  I love when you become so immersed in the story being told that you lose touch with the world around you.  I read this in one sitting, only lifting my head to call for refills on my drink.  Mikah is a modern-day Prince Charming.  He rescues his lady, Viv, from the evil clutches of the villain, Riley.  He whisks her away to his beautiful castle, and he showers her with all of the attention and gifts that any princess could dream.  Be still my fluttering heart!  Oh, but, it’s not over yet.  Riley isn’t the only evil to be tracing the angels.  Who, or what, still needs to be defeated.  Then there is the matter of little baby bump.  We find out in this book if it’s a boy or a girl (I’m not telling!), but this story isn’t going to be complete until Mikah holds that child in his hands.


If you are reading this review, I can only assume that you have already read Give Me Reason and Give Me Hope, so you already know you want this one.  Read it and you can chant along with me, “Oh please, please, please, don’t let the wait for the final book be too long!”


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