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DISCONNECTED by Bethany Daniel

Title:  Disconnected
Author:  Bethany Daniel
Publish Date:   08.08.13
Publisher:  Bethany Daniel
Category:  romance, NA, contemporary
Recommended for:  14+, adult themes, but not explicit
Received from:  Bethany Daniel (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 08.09.13

Description from the publisher:
This is the retelling of Reconnected from Liam's POV.
Find Reconnected here:

It CAN be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading Reconnected too to fully understand all characters/story.

A Fast Paced Love Story!

Liam and Katy were high school sweethearts. Shortly after they graduated they ran off to Vegas to get married. Liam does theater acting and it's there that he is discovered by Excite Entertainment and flown to L.A.

Once he's in L.A his marriage takes the backseat to rubbing elbows with Hollywood's biggest and brightest. One night Liam throws a big party and Katy comes into their house filled with half dressed women. When Katy says she's going to leave, Liam doesn't believe her until he comes home from filming and finds a note that tears him apart.

Four years later, he's tried to move on but never let go of the love he has in his heart for his Katy. It's in a little town they are filming in that their paths cross again and Liam has to try and convince Katy that their love is worth fighting for.

When his wife leaves him, Liam Elliot Warren, Hollywood’s Golden Boy, is devastated.  After a year of self-destructive behavior, he rights himself, but is still lost without the love of his life.  He has searched every logical place he could think of going, with no success.  Then fate steps in and he is reunited with Katy during the on-location filming of his newest movie on the beaches of Georgia.  Now, for him, reclaiming his wife and convincing her of his love is his focus, but will his actions of four years ago cause them more heartache than they can bear?

This was a retelling of Reconnected from Liam’s point of view.  In my opinion, it was even better than Reconnected.  Though there are still some basic grammar errors (ending sentences with prepositions and confusing the uses of ‘to’ and ‘too’), this second book from Ms. Daniel is definitely more polished and a more complete read.  I absolutely loved this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

Grammar/editing:  C – average writing, probably with no editing done

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