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Series:  Destiny #1

Author:  Deanna Chase

Publish Date:   02.19.14

Publisher:  Bayou Moon Press, LLC

Category /Genre:  NA, Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Deanna Chase (in exchange for an honest review)

Date completed: 04.13.14

Goodreads link: Defining Destiny


Description from the publisher:

When destiny fails…


Singer-songwriter Lucy Moore thought her life was perfect. At just twenty-one, she’s already met her soul mate and together they’ve landed a recording contract. But when her father dies and the love of her life betrays her in more ways than one, she returns home to pick up the pieces. On the shores of Mendocino, California, Lucy has some decisions to make. Should she start a solo career? Or should she leave it all behind for some semblance of normalcy in the quiet town she grew up in? And what about Seth, the tortured artist who always seems to be there when she needs him?


Seth Keenan has demons of his own. Eighteen months ago, he was involved in a horrific accident that he never talks about. His career as an accomplished oil-paint artist has been abandoned, replaced by the buzz of his tattoo gun. And women—well, he never sticks around for longer than a few hours of pleasure… until he meets Lucy. After one evening of listening to her seductive voice, he’s pulled under. But what about the vow he made to never get close to anyone again?

In a world where everyone has one true soul mate, can these two find love in the arms of each other?


This is the first book in the Destiny series.  It does stand alone (no cliffhanger).


In this unique world written by Deanna Chase, there is a soul mate for each person.  Your soul mate will be the other half of your magical team.  For Seth and Elena, together they create masterpieces in oil paints.  Seth’s parents are master gardeners.  For Lucy and Cadan, it’s music.  When they sing, the audience is filled with indescribable joy.  Unfortunately, being a soul mate does not guarantee happiness with each other.  Lucy’s mother and her soul-mate seem to only have the gift of discordance, Cadan is a grade A ass, and Seth has lost Elena in a car accident and blames himself.  How will Lucy choose between her soul mate and the man she loves?


I loved this story and could not put it down.  The story is kept at a quick pace and continually moving forward towards the decisions that need to be made.  Lucy has the largest decisions.  Can she take the leap of faith to trust another person or will she allow the past hurts by others flavor her life forever?  Can she choose love over destiny?


I look forward to continuing this series.  I’m hoping the next story has Lucy’s best friend, Jax, finding her soul-mate.  She has been such a loyal friend to both Lucy and Seth; she deserves her own HEA.


The Destiny series:

  1. Defining Destiny
  2. (Coming in Fall 2014)

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