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CALMING THE WOLF by Cara B. Connor


Author:  Cara B. Connor

Publish Date:   01.08.14

Publisher:  Cara B. Connor

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Erotica

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Date completed: 06.13.14

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Goodreads link: Calming the Wolf


Description from the publisher:

INSIDE: Werewolves & Shifters, Hot Sex and a Little Romance too!

Warning: This Erotic Werewolf Paranormal Romance book contains some violence and heavy sexual situations. 7500+ word erotic short story featuring graphic descriptions of sex. Not for the faint of heart! Recommended for ages eighteen and up.

Jennifer and Lucas were perfect together, and Lucas was the happiest man in the world… until he lied to Jennifer about his secret… And then she found out. Will they be able to get back together again after the big discovery? You bet they will! Read on to find out how many times.

This short romantic, erotica shape shifter, werewolf paranormal romance book is only available on Amazon and for a short time, it's on sale right now ...but for a limited time. Order your copy today and start reading this erotic werewolf romance novel instantly.


Lucas has kept the family secret for years.  He hasn’t even told his fiancé, Jennifer, that all of the men of his family are werewolves.  Every month, he plans a “business trip” to coincide with the full moon.  When Jenn follows him and discovers the secret, she leaves him.  Can they find a way to live with his beast and each other?


I love shifter books.  I always have and I believe I always will. 


I get that this was written as a short-story, but that shouldn’t mean incomplete.  It felt more like I was reading the outline for a story idea, especially when I got to the last chapter and all of a sudden we were talking about another couple and a concept that had not been mentioned previously.  That might have been more palatable by simply calling it the epilogue instead of numbering it as a chapter.


I believe that Ms. Connor can tell a good story, but this one is still a work in progress and was released too soon. I especially liked her concept of the right woman being able to calm the beast within a man, in this case literally.   I would like to give a chance to another book from Ms. Connor. 


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