Monday, August 20, 2018

WHERE THERE'S SMOKE by Kathy Coopmans

Series:  Sweet Sin #2
Author:  Kathy Coopmans
Narrator:  Lacy Laurel & Lorenzo Matthews
Length:  8 hours and 1 minute
Audible Release Date:  05.22.2018
Publisher:  Kathy Coopmans
Publish Date:   02.22.2018
Category /Genre:  Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Listenability:  OK  or  NSFW
Received from:  Kathy Coopmans (as an Audible gifted copy)
Goodreads link: Where There’s Smoke
Date completed: 07.30.2018

Description from the publisher:
From USA Today Bestselling Author comes a standalone in the Sweet Sin series.

The lives of Dean Wagner and Tatum Fields have been ruled by the hand of fate.

The past six years of my life have been consumed by guilt.  Since we lost Landon to a fire, I’ve done everything in my power to protect my daughter, Leila, from finding out the truth about how her twin brother died.  Nothing in my life means more to me than her.

Not my band, not my reputation.  Nothing.

Until I see Tatum, the woman I saved on the beach the same night she dealt with a loss of her own.
The daily routine I’ve settled into is what keeps me going.  Work at my chocolate shop, pay the bills, repeat.  I don’t date.  I don’t trust.  And I have never forgotten the man who walked away from saving my life without allowing me to thank him.

I know how to reach him, but I avoid him at all costs.

Until fate decides to make another appearance.

This is a story of how destiny ends up bringing these two souls back together, and how fate, the word very little people believe in is really their friend, after all.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE is the second book in the Sweet Sin series.  They each stand on their own, but I still wish I had read the first one.  I’m insatiable that way!

In Chapter 1, Tatum was repeating her philosophy about chocolate and it was so Zen that I wanted it on a poster.  Chocolate cures many things, kids…  Chocolate makes people happy because it tastes good.  Chocolate is a guilty pleasure … an aphrodisiac...  It speaks love without saying a word…  I only wish I could capture all of it to share with you here.  Instead, I invite you to take a bite.  Take a chance and indulge in this literary chocolate.

Yes, I would call this a chocolate – a pleasure I’m glad I took along with me the last few days during my commute to/from work.  From the beginning, my emotions were pulled tight and Ms. Coopmans played them like the strings of a harp until the very end.

Narration:  This is the first audiobook I have listened to with two narrators.  It was fun and I truly liked it.  While I loved Lorenzo Matthews’s deep voice more, Lacy Laurel is the better reader.

My final word:  When you are ready to release the third book, I’m ready to listen!

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

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