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FAIRY LAND by J.L. Bryan

Author:  J. L. Bryan
Publish Date:   06.06.2012
Category:  Fantasy, Fairy Tales
Recommended for:  Teens, young adults, and anyone who remembers being a teen
Received from:  purchased on
Date completed: 12.12.13

Description from the publisher:

The fourth book in the Songs of Magic series (after Fairy Metal Thunder, Fairy Blues, and Fairystruck).


Jason and Erin's urgent mission takes them deep into the colorful and deadly wilds of Faerie, full of bizarre and rude creatures, and past the glittering volcanic islands of the Southward Sea.

In man-world, Mitch and Dred try to prepare for a live concert in front of millions of viewers while half their band is missing. The record company is furious with them, and so are a certain violet-haired fairy and her banshee wolf friend, who finally catch up with them in Los Angeles.

In Faerie, Queen Mab and the leprechaun Aonghus Mac Lobhar enter into a secret agreement over a new kind of magic that will change fairyland forever...


Albert (my son) and I have continued this series as a read-aloud in the car on our way to and from work.

We're back with The Rioting Zebras, Jason, Mitch, Erin, and 'Dred.  This is the fourth book in the series and picks up right where FAIRY STRUCK left off.  Do not read this until you have read the first three books and in order. 

The Rioting Zebras are hosting an awareness-fundraiser in support of Jason’s missing sister.  Jason is certain that the Dullahand knows what has happened and leaves Los Angeles and returns to Chippewa Falls so that he can look for her sister.  Erin volunteers to accompany him. 

Together they re-enter Fairyland in an attempt to locate and rescue Katie.  Where is Katie?  Can they rescue her without being captured themselves?  How will Mitch and ‘Dred handle the benefit without Jason and Erin?  Will the fairies locate them and retrieve the instruments?

We have continued to love this series.  Both of us were laughing out loud throughout this.  This series has, so far, been very good.  Mr. Bryan writes terrifically detailed descriptions that bring this fantastic world alive. 

Albert hasn’t had near enough hours the last few weeks, so we haven’t started the fifth book, but hopefully soon!  This series is not lagging.  It is not becoming boring or predictable.  Keep on writing J.L.  We’re loving this!

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – since I was listening instead of reading, I don't know, but Albert said it was well done.

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