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(dis)COMFORT FOOD by Brad Carter

Title:  (dis)COMFORT FOOD
Author:  Brad Carter
Publish Date:   01.18.13
Publisher:  Post Mortem Press
Category:  Literature/Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers
Recommended for 16+ (foul language, torture/horror, sexual references)
 Received from:  Post Mortem Press via
Date completed: 08.04.13

 Description from the publisher:
"Revenge is a meal best served in a casserole dish."
Meet Rosie Kirkland, a quiet homemaker with a magical talent for murder.

Rosie is just going through the motions, leading an average quiet life.  However, that normal life is thrown into a tailspin when Rosie’s husband succumbs to a terminal illness.  A mysterious friend named Vera Caldwell shows up on the doorstep, offering food, comfort, and an introduction to a world Rosie once thought impossible.

Suddenly, nothing is what it seems to be.  The marriage she thought to be a happy union is revealed to be one full of dark secrets.  The little old ladies down the street are unmasked as a clandestine cabal with origins as old as civilization itself.  The simple act of cooking becomes an act of vengeance.  And Rosie’s own identity begins to unravel as she finds herself at the center of the ongoing history of witchcraft in Middle America.


Rosie has always been average, nothing special.  She was a good student, but unexceptional.  She dropped out of college when she earned her MRS degree.  She did twenty years as a secretary and then retired.  Life and love were boring. 

When her mother died, her friends, her mother’s friends, church ladies, and strangers brought food.  “Comfort food,” they would say.  One of those people was Vera Caldwell.  Not long after Rosie’s mother had died, her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Right before he passed, Vera was there again, to comfort and to support Rosie.  

She gave Rosie a cookbook/diary to encourage her in the loss of her husband.   

Soon, Rosie finds herself enmeshed in an ancient coven, the Sisters of Mercy,… and finds that she is strong and she can be special.

So, is it wrong that I went into the kitchen and started making a TON of food when I finished this book?   After he had eaten, I started telling my (now ex-)husband about the storyline.  Here was our conversation:
Him: “I don’t think I have anything to worry about; we don’t have any poisons in the house.” 
Me:  “She didn’t use poison.”  
Him:  “crushed glass?” 
Me:  “No.  Magic! She made magic casseroles.” 
Him: “Well, then, I still don’t have anything to worry about” 
Me:  “Why not?  I’ve been called a witch before.” 
Him: “You misheard,” he muttered under his breath.
Yes, I’m still laughing over that exchange!

This was a very well-developed story with characters that you will believe could be real.  

Editing / Grammar: A, very few errors.

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