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CAPPUCCINO HEAVEN by Michelle Wright

Author:  Michelle Wright
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press 
Category:  Literature/Fiction (Adult), Religion & Spirituality
Received from:  Purchased on
Completed:  07.07.13

 Description from the publisher:
"My name is Elizabeth Walker. I died at the ripe old age of thirty eight, after a long battle with cancer. I wanted to make forty. I loved cappuccinos, sunshine, and life."

This is the spirit of Elizabeth watching her loved ones from heaven marveling at the fact she survived. But there’s sadness when she feels the grief of husband Mike and teen daughters Sasha and Lucy, each trying to deal with such a devastating loss. Yet, life goes on, often painfully, years pass, the children grow and Mike moves on, while Elizabeth finds her way in the afterlife.

Meeting colorful and sassy former hooker Rita changes her spiritual journey forever as she’s introduced to the dark lower levels where she learns to rescue lost souls and bring them to the light. High school friend Emma shows her where astral travelers hang out; a white sandy beach they believe is paradise. While a coffee shop becomes a focal meeting point, a place for Elizabeth to enjoy her favorite, cappuccinos. She learns the hard way there’s more to her spiritual world than she ever imagined wishing her short life had been different, regrets becoming painful. The years do nothing to diminish her love for Mike and her girls who she visits often, in the vain hope of contact.

A story of life and death shadowed by love and grief, light and dark, and hope for the future.

This is not an easy, light book to read.  On the other hand, it would make a sweet gift to someone in mourning.

In this book, Elizabeth has passed over and is dealing with her new situation in heaven.  Everyone’s heaven is what they make of it.  Elizabeth has arrived as a timid follower.  While she waits for her living family to complete their times on Earth, she is continuously pushing herself to grow in her spiritual life with the help of her spirit family, old friends from Earth, new friends, and even a beloved dog.  Ms. Wright even addresses questions of miscarried babies, stillborn babies, and suicides.

I found this book to be difficult to read.  While it is a great story concept, the story was hard to follow.  I probably had the most difficulty because there were so many characters that were introduced and disappeared quickly.  When they returned in the story, I had a hard time keeping track of who was who.  There were so many grammar errors, especially missing words, that I was often rereading a sentence to determine what was supposed to be there.  As mentioned, Ms. Wright does address suicides, but they are addressed in two different parts of the book and the answers are not consistent.  Bottom line:  great idea, but poorly executed.  I would still recommend it as a gift for those in grief.

Editing / Grammar:  D – so bad, I even had to correct grammar and spelling in the description from the publisher above.

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