Friday, July 31, 2015

DARK CHILD by Adina West

Title:  DARK CHILD, Omnibus Edition
Author:  Adina West
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan / Momentum
Category:  Sci Fi & Fantasy, Teens & YA
Received from:  Momentum Press via
Completed: 07.01.13


Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, this intriguing urban fantasy follows the story of Kat Chanter, who discovers that the world she knows is controlled by ancient creatures who feed on blood. And she might just be one of them ...

Lately things have been getting weird for pathology technician Kat Chanter. She’s been craving raw meat, and having dreams so realistic they’re scary. When she accepts a job offer from the prestigious Hema Castus Research Institute, she hopes she’ll have the chance to discover what’s wrong with her, but instead, her move to New York thrusts her headlong into a treacherous hidden world, where the wrong move could be fatal . . .

Tarot, witchcraft and astrology all take on a frightening resonance in Dark Child's richly imagined alternative reality where vampiric beings live among us, hidden by magic. Dark romance tangles with paranormal fantasy and page-turning suspense in this enthralling tale of ‘dark child’ Kat Chanter, half-human and half-vampire, who has woken an ancient prophecy and must face a formidable destiny.

Dark Child was originally released in serial form. You can read part one for free by searching for Dark Child: Episode 1 on your preferred retailer site or on


This first novel from Ms. Adina West was first released in five parts.  This may explain some loss in fluidity.  For example, she mentions the man of her dreams.  He is a man of "dark-haired perfection and eyes like a stormy ocean," to whom she compares all suitors.  When she meets the men of the unalil, there is that missing spark of recognition or mention that none of these men meet the description.  Other than that distracting me, the story was very well organized and a fun read.  

Vampires, weres, and psychics abound in this story of a supernatural reality.  But what is Kat?  She thinks she's human, but there have always been signs she may be something more…

I hope there will be a second book!

Editing:  A

From Adina West:
  • Dark Child (first released as five Novellas)

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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Series:  Southern Hospitatlity #1
Author:  Skye Turner
Publish Date:   July 30, 2015
Publisher:  Skye Turner Books
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Skye Turner (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Unwanted Desire
Date completed: 07.23.15

Description from the publisher:
Ty Boudreaux is a man who saves people for a living. He’s a paramedic who plays the field but
is growing tired of the game.

AnnaBeth Bellaforte is a beautiful socialite whose family has deep ties to Louisiana politics and is immersed in the lavish lifestyle that provides. Her family has ideas and expectations for her.

Ty is blue collar. AnnaBeth is a pure Southern Blue Blood.

They have nothing in common but their attraction. Or do they?  Can the peasant be enough for the princess?

Is Ty destined to be the man who sets AnnaBeth free?  Is AnnaBeth willing to go against everything she’s ever known for a man who awakens her unwanted desires?

Sometimes your hardest choice is to live for you and say the hell with everyone else’s expectations.

**This is a STANDALONE novel.
***This book contains explicit language and graphic sex. It is not intended for those under the age of 18 OR those who do not enjoy adult romance books.

This is the first book in the Southern Hospitality series.  Each is expected to stand alone, but I always recommend reading a series in the order of publication. 

I loved Ty.  He is a hard-working every man.  While he is confident in most arenas, he does have his self-doubt when it comes to pursuing the girl of his dreams.  AnnaBeth is a girl he has placed on a pedestal, referring to her as “the princess,” because she comes from a Southern Royalty family.  AnnaBeth knows she could fall for Ty, but sees her duty to family as being more important than her own heart and happiness.  She has Ty on the side while she plays the dutiful daughter for the family.


 When her desire for Ty becomes greater than her desire to please her parents, that’s when I fell in love with AnnaBeth.  I never disliked her, but now I loved her.  Her family was not what I expected, in great ways, especially her grandmother.

There were also several nods to Skye Turner’s other books.  When other characters or places show up in a different series, it always makes me smile.  Skye has created her own Bayou World and we have a front row seat to the players.

Skye Turner has become a “must-read” author for me.

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect


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