Wednesday, January 7, 2015

TAKING CHANCES by Rita & T.J. Webb

Series:  Paranormal Investigations #3
Author:  Rita and T.J. Webb
Publish Date:   01.02.15
Publisher:  Robot Playground, Inc.
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Rita and T.J. Webb (in exchange for an honest review)
Tour by:  Xpresso Book Tours
Goodreads link: Taking Chances
Date completed: 01.06.15

Description from the publisher:
People are going missing in Kodiak, Alaska.

The evidence: bloody bear prints larger than any bear Jason or Emma have ever seen and black ooze that can eat the flesh from bones.

Bears don't wander into busy shopping districts, turn off security alarms, and break into stores. When Emma’s friend goes missing, Jason and Emma realize the cops aren't up to handling the situation.

Something’s wrong in the paranormal world. Can Jason and Emma fix things before someone else gets hurt?

This is the third book in the Paranormal Investigations series.  They must be read in order.

Emma is home from school for summer break.  She’ll get to spend time with Jason, teach the high school gymnastics team, and help her parents deal with the disappearance of her sister.  At least that is the plan, until she finds out that many girls are missing from their small town and the clues left behind suggest that the kidnapper is not human.  Can she and Jason solve the mystery before anyone else is hurt?

When I reviewed Playing Hooky, I mentioned that it was innocent fun, a mental vacation that was very much enjoyed.  Breaking Angelina was darker, edgier, gripping, and frightening.  Taking Chances is emotional, deep, and even more fantastic than the previous two episodes.  There are even more mystical, magical beings than previously described.  The story is fast-paced and engaging.  I was sucked in and loving a summer in Alaska (and I hate being cold!).  Emma and Jason are obviously in love and that plays a huge role in the story.  They find that they have many friends in this odd community that is mixing the world as we know it with the Drakon world, the realm that the magical creatures usually call home.

I hate that I was at work when I finished this.  Even though we’ve never met in person, I want to hug my friend Rita (Webb) and let her know just how much I loved this story.  She and TJ are constantly evolving as authors and it shows here.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Ya’all are stuck with me pestering you for the next book in this series.  Please don’t make me wait another year!

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

The series:
  1. Playing Hooky
  2. Breaking Angelina
  3. Taking Chances
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