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Series:  N/A
Author:  A.M. Ball
Publish Date:   11.29.13
Publisher:  TzR Publishing
Category /Genre:  Parnaormal Erotica, BBW
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from: Amazon purchase
Goodreads link: Taken by Swarm
Date completed: 01.16.15

Description from the publisher:
Taken by Swarm – Seduced by WEREBEES (BBW paranormal shapeshifters erotic romance)

Belinda, a big girl striking out on her own, stopped outside the tiny, isolated country town for a long, private moment with her new toy, buzz. The town itself, the male population of the town, has a very special welcome for Belinda, almost as though it had been waiting for her. Waiting eagerly for her.

With cake. Lots of sweet, honeyed, creamy, sticky, cake.

WARNING: This 3,300+ words story features graphic descriptions of very adult situations of MANY KINDS, some of them EXTREMEly unusual, and many involving a LOT OF CAKE. It is intended for mature audiences only. For readers 18 years+. All characters are over 18.

Treat yourself to this erotic feast. NOW.

This is a stand-alone, erotic short-story.  It is the only book listed for this author.

I’m not sure why they’re called werebees unless you can count eclairs changing to penises as shifting.  Basically it’s an erotic dream with a paranormal twist as can only happen in dreams.

The premise is easy:  Why have one man providing for all of your pleasures, erotic and gastronomical, when you can have hundreds?  It is good to be the king queen (bee).  The execution falls more in the realm of a letter to Hustler than the theme of a paranormal romance.

Grammar/editing:  D – many errors, some distraction

Men brought her sweeter and sweeter things. First some cake. Luscious lemon drizzle cake. Then thick, creamy ice cream cake. Next came long, fresh, warm fat fingers of cream-filled chocolate eclairs, the chocolate softened and melting on warm pastry, whipped cream spilling and dribbling out of the end. She gorges on the mouthwatering abundance of gooey cakes and pastries. She licks cream from her lips and melting chocolate from her fingers. Warm fillings spill onto her soft, rising breasts, and flows into the valley of her ample cleavage. Helpful fingers and hands scoop up the spills and bring them to her lips. She sucks and licks them off, more and more languidly. Gorgeous honey cakes arrive, piping hot and dripping tangy honey, each mingling more medleys of intoxicating floral flavors..

As they feed her sweeter and sweeter delicacies, vague sexual fantasies form in her mind. She thinks of one of the long eclairs… cream, wrapped in choux pastry, dipped in chocolate. Chocolate, pastry and cream, sliding into her mouth, melting on her tongue to reveal a hot, throbbing…

The large, round end of an eclair insinuates slyly and smoothly in between her lips. It pushes her mouth open wide to take it in, and turns to drip delicious dark, melting chocolate onto her widening, wetting waiting tongue. As her taste buds tingle to take in the rich pastry, her tongue and her teeth find something firmer inside. Something hot. With a darker taste. And a pulse..

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