Monday, December 8, 2014

TOO MUCH TO BEAR by Jenny Clayton

Series:  n/a
Author:  Jenny Clayton
Publish Date:   11.12.14
Publisher:  Jenny Clayton
Category /Genre:  BBW, Erotica, Paranormal Romance, Short story
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Amazon purchase
Date completed: 11.30.14
Goodreads link: TOO MUCH TO BEAR

Description from the publisher:
"What was I thinking when I agreed to this trip? A weekend at a rustic retreat in the woods sounded like the perfect thing to get away from it all. On paper, anyway. Panoramic views of the pristine mountains, an outdoor bathhouse that’d been built atop a natural hot spring, and a fully stocked lake for fishing located not two miles away.
 Ruby’s Rocky Mountain Retreat was supposed to offer a little piece of paradise out away from the city. Let me tell you, the pictures on Ruby’s website must’ve been taken the year this place was built, way back in the ‘70s. There was no way this place had seen a new nail or a fresh layer of varnish in at least a decade. The bathhouse was falling apart, central heating came in the form of a wood-burning stove, and the toilet was a shabby outhouse behind the creaky old cabin."

When a weekend in the woods looks like it's going to be a total bust, curvaceous young Sophie has no idea that a sexy werebear alpha has his eye on her.

*This sexy paranormal erotic-romance is a perfect short story to enjoy on your lunch break or just before bed. Contains mature content.*
This is a stand-alone short-story filled with an erotic adventure in the woods.

Sophie and Gina are best friends who have planned a weekend retreat – girl time.  When they arrive at Ruby’s Rocky Mountain Retreat, they find that the online ad was as outdated as the plumbing, but they’re too far into the mountains to risk a return trip in the dark.  The next day they venture to the nearby lake where they’ve heard rumors of sexy locals being available.  Will the scenery improve when an alpha sets his eye on Sophie?

I liked the story.  I thought it started out great, but it seemed that the author looked at the word count and thought, “Oh sh*t, this was supposed to be a SHORT story.  I better tie up my loose ends quickly.”  The last few pages were just too rushed.  Even if you’re writing a short-story, it’s okay to go a few pages further than you originally planned if it allows the main couple to say more than hi before they get down and dirty.  Let’s develop some relationship.  Even if there is instant chemistry, I do expect more than, “Oh! You’re a shifter?  Okay.  Sex now.”

I would love to pick up another story from Jenny Clayton and see if this is her normal or something unique to the short-story genre.

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

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