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FAKE by Jade C. Jamison

Title:  FAKE
Series:  Nicki Sosebee #9
Author:  Jade C. Jamison
Publish Date:   03.10.14
Publisher:  Jade C. Jamison
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Received from:  Jade C. Jamison in exchange for an honest review 
Recommended for:  18 + due to adult situations and sexual content 
Date completed: 03.01.14 
Goodreads link:  Fake 

Description from the publisher: 
Nicki has come to realize that she can’t fix everything wrong with the world, at least not by confronting the bad guys head on, so she intends to educate people by tackling one small problem at a time.
Now, there’s a woman on city council who’s growing a little too big for her britches and stirring up trouble in Winchester, dividing citizens into two clear sides—her side and the other—and Nicki plans to expose her for what she is.
In the meantime, Nicki hurts Sean and risks losing him for good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the ninth in the Nicki Sosebee series and they do need to be read in order.
I am very honored that Jade has asked me to join her team of BETA readers specifically for grammar, content, and continuity.  I hope that my minor assistance will improve your reading enjoyment.  (See, being a grammar-Nazi isn’t all evil!)
This book is a win on three fronts:
1.       The cover is gorgeous.  Our Nicki is sexy and the cover evokes the aloneness that is a theme in this story.
2.       Jade’s three-some cherry has been popped in exquisite style.  The scene is hot and steaming sexy, but it does not cross the squeamish boundaries.
3.       The story…. Oh my gawd!  This series seriously gets better with every book.  Sean teases, pleases, leaves, bromances, mopes, frightens, and loves.  Jesse sings, comforts, and confesses.  Oh LORD, he confesses!  I was sitting here gape-mouthed and then I wanted to clamp my hand over his damn mouth when he just kept on confessing.  Poor Nicki was confused and lonely through most of this book.  When she reached a boiling point and her little mouse roared, the whole town heard it!
To sum it up, if you are reading this and you still haven’t picked up the book, I’m going to have to question your intelligence. Now, since I know all of my friends are intelligent people, I know that’s not the problem, so you’ll have to start reading now.  I can’t be alone in pestering Jade to continue writing more about our three favorite people in Winchester, CO.
So, when I was talking to Jade after I had finished reading FAKE, she said,...if this book wrecked you, just wait. Oh...that was evil, wasn't it? She wins – her reputation as a merciless tease is fully intact!

Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused 

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originally posted 03.11.14 on my previous website closed that site because I promoted authors and their books. 

**warning – contains explicit language
“Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we were still together?”

Her eyes popped open like a piece of bread jumping out of a toaster. No, she hadn’t, not since she’d hooked up with Sean. She didn’t want to say that, though, because she was afraid it would hurt Jesse’s feelings, and Jesse had finally started acting halfway happy again. She hadn’t expected their breakup to hurt him so badly, but it had. He’d seemed so lost and pained for so long… So the best way to answer his question was with the same question. “Have you?”

“Almost every day.”

His answer was like a knife in her heart. She never would have expected that. It made her want to pull him close and tell him everything would be okay, that he would find the right girl someday, that he would make a great boyfriend and husband…

That she’d been too fucking stupid to appreciate the guy he was.


She couldn’t go there, couldn’t allow herself to think those things. She loved Sean, had for as long as she could remember, and just because they had hit a snag didn’t make it okay for her mind to wonder what could have been with Jesse.

And yet his words touched her heart. She wasn’t cold enough to ignore them. “Every day?”

His voice was soft. “Yeah.”

She could feel her heart thumping in her chest. What she’d loved about Jesse was all the things about him that were so different from Sean. Sean was a man’s man, as masculine as they came. His emotions were usually hard to read and he kept that part of himself closed off, but once in a while, Nicki would get a glimpse and, when he let her in, it was a rare and beautiful thing, even more beautiful, perhaps, because of its rarity. Jesse, on the other hand, often wore his heart on his sleeve. He had a hell of a time hiding how he felt, because it showed in his eyes. Hell, it showed throughout his entire body. But the part of Jesse that felt so deeply was also in tune with how Nicki often felt. He was better than Sean at sensing what Nicki was thinking and feeling. It was sometimes annoying but it was often endearing.

Both men were attractive. Both men tripped her trigger as far as the things in a man that turned her on.

And she loved them both. Until that moment, Nicki had had no idea she still cared for Jesse as much as she did.

She wasn’t going to say a goddamned word, though. She couldn’t. It wasn’t fair to either Sean or Jesse.

She had to say something, though. She tried to sound light and teasing when she said, “That’s not exactly healthy, Jesse.”

She could hear it in his voice, the realization that he was in agreement but didn’t know how to resolve it. “No shit. I don’t know what to do about it, though…"