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HELLHOUND by Rue Volley

Series:  Hellhound #1
Author:  Rue Volley
Publish Date:   11.16.13
Publisher:  Hot Ink Press
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content and violence
Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors
Received from:  a gift from my friend, Patricia Crews
Goodreads:  Hellhound
Date completed: 01.04.14

Description from the publisher:
Halo Bay has had nothing but bad luck with men her whole life, from a cheating High School boyfriend to the abusive one she just stabbed through the eye.  Fatally wounded from her last fight with him, she falls unconscious, only to wake in purgatory with two choices before her. Sew her own eyes and mouth shut and wander around purgatory for an eternity, or, follow an extremely hot man, by the name of Gunner, to Hell.  There she will train to be a "Hellhound", a hunter of all things nasty that escape Hell and go topside.  Only with this can they try to redeem themselves and possibly gain their freedom. 

Settling into her new life as a HELLHOUND is almost easier than the amazing love affair just starting to grow between her and Gunner.  His inability to open up and her problems with trust tend to make things difficult.  Not to mention, she has another who admires her, the Prince of Fire himself, Lucifer.  Halo becomes frustrated and makes a fatal mistake that could cost her everything.

The only motto a Hellhound has is HUNT. KILL. SURVIVE.

This is a work of FICTION, historical references are MADE UP. That is the beauty of any fictional tale

All of her life, Halo Bay has been abused, first by her father and then by every boyfriend she had ever had.  In the final fight for her life against her abusive boyfriend, they both are killed.  When she awakes in Purgatory, she is faced with the decision of an eternity there or to follow an extremely hot man named Gunner.  Deciding on Gunner, she follows him to Hell where she will train as one of the Hellhounds.  Their job is to hunt demons escaped from hell and kill them to protect the mortals; they only need to survive to one day obtain their pass to Heaven.  During training, Halo and Gunner embark on a love affair to which he feels unworthy as a damned soul.  To make matters worse, Lucifer himself is lusting after Halo.  In Gunner’s self-denial, he has pushed Halo to a mistake which may cost them everything.

I was sitting at home, alone on a Friday night, surfing Facebook instead of reading, when Patricia Crews invited me to an online party for Saturday.   I popped in to accept the invite and Patti bowled me over with the biggest hug – I needed that, you know that whole ALONE ON FRIDAY NIGHT thing – and asked if I had read the first Hellhound?  I honestly hadn’t heard of them, so big heart that she has, she goes and gifts both the first and second books to me.  So in the wee hours of the morning, I read this in one sitting.  There is no way I was putting it down! 

Patti, I will love you forever! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this awesomeness with me.  As soon as this review is posted, I will be reading book 2.  Of course, that means I will be joining you in the angst of waiting for book 3, but bring it on!

I have to tell you, when I got to chapter 6, I was dying laughing at the title. Then, I'd look again and start laughing all over again. I finally had to close my eyes and swipe over in order to move on.  Do yourself a favor; do not jump forward to see what I mean.  Instead, let it hit you with the giggles too.  (Of course, my giggles may have been intensified by the fact that it was 5am and I hadn’t slept yet).

This book is listed on Goodreads as Dark Erotica.  I would say Dark Fantasy.  Yes there is steamy hot sex, but it is not erotica.  There are some grammar errors, but the story and style more than make up for those stumblers.  This is the first book I have read from Ms. Rue Volley.  We already know I am reading a second one today, and I know I won’t be stopping there.  She has an extensive backlist into which I need to burrow.  I have already gifted two sets of these books to share with my friend, Pat B-D, and my son, Albert. It's just that kind of book - you'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.  (the last bit will give you an idea of just how old i am - of course, if you know the reference, you're just as old! LOL)

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