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CURSED ECSTASY by t.h. Snyder

Series:  Cursed #2
Author:  t.h. Snyder
Publish Date:   06.26.14
Publisher:  t.h. Snyder
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused
Received from:  t.h. Snyder (for Beta reading)
Goodreads link: Cursed Ecstasy
Date completed: 06.22.14

Description from the publisher:
Daulton Rinnich's life has been full of grief. Hiding from the memories of his past, he'll do almost anything to numb his pain. Between his cocky persona, late night partying, and random hook-ups, he's in need of a serious wake up call.

Even though Dault knows it's time for him to grow up and change his ways, he enjoys being the man of the Cursed Crew. He pretends to enjoy life, but on the inside, Dault's content being miserable. That is, until a tragic night changes his life views and priorities.

Will the fear of loss curse him again; or will he be set free and see the possibilities of love and happiness when he least expects it?


This is the second book in the Cursed series and they do need to be read in order.
** Do not read this review if you have not yet read Cursed Love (book one in the series). **

When I got to the end of the first book and there were three “alternate” endings.  I screamed.  I wanted to throw my Kindle.  I called Tyf all kinds of bad names under my breath, but ultimately I was okay.  I was okay, because she had already asked me to BETA read the next book, so I would get my answers immediately, right? 
I’m not new to reading Tyf’s books.  I know that she is a master at drawing out the suspense, but I fall for it again and again.  It’s not so much that I am gullible, as she is truly gifted in getting you onto the train and believing that every tunnel is the last one.  You’re almost there… just a bit more…

So which alternate ending was right?  What happens next?  Is the second book as great as the first?  The answers to those questions are:  I’m not telling you, I’m not telling you, and HELL YEA!

The whole gang is coming to terms with the events of “that night.”  Etty is struggling the most, with PTSD and her feelings about Dault.  I hated Dault for most of the book, just because he was was so hard on Etty.  Luckily, hospital orderly Christian is there to support her.  If this were a paranormal romance, I would have pegged him for an angel visiting Earth, but then….  We’re back to “I’m not telling you.”  <wink>

As for the question about whether or not I got my answers?  Well, yes, but now there are new ones (I may have told her that she was evil.  We may have called someone a douche-canoe!)

While I am a Beta for Tyf, and that got me through the melt-down after the first book, now I wait on book three while ya’all are still waiting on book two.  Hurry up!  Write faster! 

IMHO:  Anybody who likes romance with a touch of suspense, should not miss this series.

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2.     Cursed Ecstasy
2.5  Cursed Heart
3.     Cursed Fate
4.     Cursed Soul
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