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TWIST & TURN by Christa Simpson

Series:  Twisted #2
Author:  Christa Simpson
Publish Date:   08.01.13
Publisher:  Christa Simpson
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+
Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused
Received from:  Christa Simpson (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads:  Twist and Turn
Date completed: 12.06.13

Description from the publisher:
Abigail feared that she had given up on the love of her life, until she met the man of her dreams.

Abigail Jenkins was lucky enough to find one man that met all of her expectations. Edwin Santora was that man, recklessly handsome and fun-loving, with a body carved from stone. But it wasn't enough. Abigail wanted a baby, and that matter was not up for debate. Edwin, having just scored his first job out of law school, was nowhere near ready to settle down. Abigail was. Relationship over. Or was it?

Right when Abigail starts to realize that maybe Edwin was her best bet, Cameron Clarke, the man of her dreams, slips into her life, stealing her attention and her heart. With swoon-worthy sunset-shaped eyes and a smile that lit up the darkest corners of her tragic youth, Abigail knew in an instant that he was the one. Suddenly, Abigail finds that having a baby isn't at the top of her list of things to do. Cameron Clarke is.

Sparks begin to fly when Abigail get what she wants and Edwin admits what he thinks about that; but is it too little too late?

I love this story.  I don’t know if I want Abby with Eddie or Cam.  Both are hot, sexy men.  Eddie is all of the wild and untamed.  Cam is all of the sweet, solid, and sensitive that this girl desires.  Why can’t either one of them be the whole package and make the decision easier?  While I’m asking questions, what the heck is up with the creepy sister?  I will be staying up all night to find out!  Maybe the third book will help decide which team to choose.

While I do love the story, I wouldn’t be fair to my fellow readers if I didn’t point out the downside of this series.  Sentence structure seems to be forced a lot of the time.  It feels as though someone has established a rule that there must be ‘at least two adjectives/adverbs in every sentence.’  We don’t really need to have this if it disrupts the flow of the story.  Likewise, I must recommend that someone take away Ms. Simpson’s thesaurus (or disable it on her Word program).  I just want to tell her, “Relax!  It’s a great story.  You don’t have to prove your vocabulary.”

 The Twisted Trilogy:
  1. Twisted
  2. Twist & Turn
  3. A Twist of Fate


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