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Author:  Lynsay Sands.
Publish Date:   04.17.12
Publisher:  Avon Books
Category:  Romance, Fairy-tale retelling
Recommended for:  18+, sexual content
Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect
Received from:  borrowed from the Orange County Public Library system
Goodreads:  The Fairy Godmother
Date completed: 09.26.13

Description from the publisher:
When a fourteenth-century maiden named Odel loses her father, she learns from her aunt that she must marry—and that a handful of fairy dust can separate men from mice. Having sworn off love, Odel is reluctant to greet her many suitors, until one catches her eye.
Kind and generous, Michelle shows Odel how good it can feel to fall in love—too bad Odel can't trust her heart. Will Michelle destroy what little hope Odel had for men, or will they be able to keep their love aflame?

A classic novella from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands.

After living twenty-five years under the thumb of her tyrannical father, Odel wants nothing to do with being controlled by another man.  She has vowed to never marry.   

After her father's death, her mother's best friend arrives and informs her that she is her godmother, her fairy godmother, Aunt Tildy.  Tildy then sets about to teach Odel that, despite the cruel treatment she received from her father, love is a very real and special, even magical, occurrence.

I had popped onto the library website to see about requesting the newest in the Argeneau series.  Right next to it, was this one, and I thought to myself, "I didn't know Lynsay Sands wrote Fairy Tale retellings."  It was available as an e-book download, so I took a chance.  I am so glad I did!   This is a unique re-telling of the Cinderella story set in 14th century England.  

This is a short, sweet, Christmas novella.  I already knew I loved Ms. Sands' popular vampire series, but now I'm hoping she produces more of these Fairy Tales, as well.

Note:  This was originally released as Mistletoe and Magic/The Fairy Godmother (Anthology)

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