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SO I’M NOT A VAMPIRE by Rosi Phillips


Series:  Peaches and Bane #1

Author:  Rosi Phillips

Publish Date:   08.25.14

Publisher:  E-Book Publishing World

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, contemporary

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Rosi Phillips (beta reader)

Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused

Goodreads link: So I’m Not a Vampire

Date completed: 07.21.14


Description from the publisher:

When Georgia "Peaches" Kent wakes up in a morgue, it's no wonder her first thought is that she's a vampire, but after a late night run in with a black cat named Bane, she's less and less sure she's a vampire and more on the side of Bane in thinking that she's a mystery.

Peaches is dead, she's sure of that. What she's not sure of is what she is. But that's alright because a cat has offered to help her discover what she is. Except Bane isn't a cat at all, but a very attractive Egyptian vampire.

Now they're on a mission to discover what Peaches is, which leads them into the heart of a vamp-goth club. But then Peaches goes and opens her big mouth, tension skyrockets, and marriage to the sexy Egyptian vamp is the only way out.

Or is it?

Join Peaches and Bane on this fun, fast paced adventure as they try to discover what she is, and hope they don't get killed in the process.




Bane smirked and planted his hands on either side of my head. “I could have found another way to get you out of there, Peaches,” he began, never taking his eyes off my face, “but I chose to make you my wife.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I got the gist of it. Bane had chosen me, and from what I’d gathered at the party, Bane didn’t choose people. He didn’t seek people out or try to make alliances. He was a lone wolf, and I was special to him.

God, was that sexy.

I reached up and kissed him, just attacked him with my lips and tongue. I tasted blood and felt his fangs rub against my lips and teeth. Instead of fear, I felt exhilaration. I felt happy and sexy and horny. I wasn’t thinking about my weight when I kissed Bane, or my failed relationships. I wasn’t thinking about how I probably smelled like fear-sweat and vomit because of the party. I wasn’t thinking about a single negative thing because I was enjoying kissing a man who wanted me.

I’d never really been wanted in my life except for Jimmy Patucci in seventh grade, and that was only because he’d been dorky, unattractive, and weird and had heard I screwed anything that looked at me. Yeah, no.

It was a novel concept to kiss a guy and have him kiss you like he was trying to suck out your soul. It was the sort of kiss I’d seen in movies so many times: the hard, fast, claiming kiss before they went off and did something dangerous. Bane kissed me like we were about to jump off a bridge onto a moving train, or fight ninja warriors.

“You think too much.” He pulled back, ripped off his shirt, and made short work of my outfit. Sweet baby Jesus, vampire speed was a sight to see. One second fully clothed, next second completely naked. He didn’t even get to see the bra and panty set I picked out.

Bane groaned low and lowered himself back down to me. “Oh, I saw them, habibi.”


This is the first story in the Peaches and Bane series.  They do need to be read in order.


A fun novella with lots of sass.  I was laughing from page one, because I could imagine just that reaction to waking up in a morgue. (Oh cool, I must be a vampire, right?)  The relationship between Georgia “Peaches” Kent and Bane… whatever his last name is…. is instantaneous and perfectly, comfortably right.  His nickname for her, Habibi, which means “beloved one” is just so sweet.  I love it.


Rosi, thank you for inviting me onto your BETA team.  JJ Benedetti did well when he paired us up, and just when I most needed a laugh.  Your humor is sarcastic, biting, and witty, a perfect mixture that had me snickering, snorting, and laughing out loud.  I look forward to reading more as you create them.


The Peaches & Bane series:

  1. So, I’m Not a Vampire
  2. She Thinks She's a Zombie (not yet released)
  3. I'm a What?  (not yet released)

Love Series:

  1. A Grim Love:  Can’t Fight Time





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