Thursday, July 7, 2016

SEDUCED BY THE DRAGON by Jacqueline Sweet


Series:  N/A

Author:  Jacqueline Sweet

Publish Date:   10.14.2013

Publisher:  Guilty Treasures Press

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Short-story

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Aurora Woodlove (in exchange for an honest review)

Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused

Goodreads link: Seduced by the Dragon

Date completed: 06.25.16


Description from the publisher:

When Rowan Corbett, the human daughter of werewolves, is haunted by dreams of a terrible golden dragon, she decides to hunt the monster down. Enlisting the help of her brother and a mysterious woman who forges magic items, Rowan corners the beast in its lair. But the battle takes an unexpected turn when Rowan finds herself powerfully attracted to the beast's shifted form.



This is a stand-alone short, erotic story.


Wow! Was that ever hawt!!  Hawt, but not just mommy porn.  I’d love to see the story developed into a series.  There are some open possibilities as Rowan’s relationship, friendships, and powers could be developed.


If this is the normal spice level for Jacqueline Sweet, I definitely want to read more!


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