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REMEMBER ME by Serenity Woods


Author:  Serenity Woods

Publish Date:   11.21.13

Publisher:  self-published

Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Goodreads link: Remember Me

Date completed: 06.17.14


Description from the publisher:

He has a second chance at love—will he make the same mistake all over again?


New Zealand Army soldier Hamish McIntyre’s returning home from war, and he’s half the man he used to be. In his eyes, anyway. He’s lost the lower half of his right leg, as well as the memory of much of his adult life. When he returns home, his brother takes him to their beach house on the north-west coast of New Zealand to recuperate, hoping the peace and quiet will help him heal.


Hamish can remember only one thing from the last ten years—the name Rose. At the beach house, he meets the girl his brother tells him he loved—and lost—before he returned to Afghanistan. Rose shocks him by announcing that he proposed to her before he went away but she turned him down because she didn’t want to marry a man in the Forces.


Rose still loves Hamish and finds herself falling in love all over again as she tells him about  their previous relationship. To Hamish, the attraction is brand new, but his body seems to remember her even if his mind doesn’t. Before long, they’re back where they started—in love and pulled in opposite directions by his life in the military. Once again, Hamish has to choose between Rose and the Army. What decision will he make this time?




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This book is not part of a series.


A second chance at love.  Six months ago, Rose refused Hamish’s proposal because she would never marry a man in the Army.  She had grown up moving from base to base and wanted nothing to do with that lifestyle.  Now he has returned from Afghanistan as a disabled vet.  He must decide between returning to a desk job with the Army and taking a chance with a woman he doesn’t even remember due to the amnesia caused by the bomb that also took half of his leg.  What will he decide?

This was what I call a soft read.  It is romantic and passionate.  The kind of read that at the end you just feel like you have to say “awwww” right out loud (and I did).  Though a shorter story, the characters, setting, and story are all fully-developed and nothing feels overly rushed or missing.


This was the first book I have read from Ms. Woods.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from her.  I’ve already picked up two more stories and will be reading them soon.


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