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LIFE AFTER by P.A. Warren


Author:  P.A. Warren

Publish Date:   03.12.14

Publisher:  P.A. Warren

Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  P.A. Warren (in exchange for an honest review)

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Goodreads link: Life After

Date completed: 07.06.14


Description from the publisher:

Hadley is Lost. Living is a struggle with her family gone, leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident. As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family, she wonders if she wants to continue living. Life doesn’t feel worth living until she meets Avery. Avery…who makes her want to feel things she shouldn’t so soon after her tragic loss. Avery…who makes her want to live. With Avery’s love, will she be able to overcome the grief or will it consume her?

Life After is a New Adult Contemporary Novel of approximately 53,000 words

As of March 25 a NEWLY edited version has been uploaded.



Hadley is the only survivor when a truck hits the family car and her parents and little sister are killed.  The survivor’s guilt is tremendous and she contemplates suicide.  Again and again, she is in desperate shape, but always Avery is there for her, even before she knows who he is.  Is the love he offers enough to allow her to find her way into the light again?


This was a very well thought out story of the effects of being the one left behind.  It is horrific.  It is frightening.  It is over-whelming.  Ms. Warren approaches the issues with grace and sensitivity. 


Unfortunately, there is a problem with the timeline presented.  For example, there are not months between Thanksgiving and Christmas unless you’re Canadian, but these people were in Florida and Texas.  I also felt some of the repetition was unwarranted.  Repeating the dream was very effective, but other lines and scenes felt like the author was being lazy instead of persuasive, which I’m sure the latter was her intent.


This is the first book produced by Ms. Warren and I believe with more study of her craft, she could develop into a wonderful author.  I look forward to another chance with her next book.


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