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Title:  BEAR KING'S CURVES: BBW Werebear Shifter

Author:  A.T. Mitchell

Publish Date:   02.06.14

Publisher:  Red Ice Press

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content and violence

Grammar/editing:  C – average writing, needs more editing

Received from:  A.T. Mitchell (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads link: Bear King’s Curves

Date completed: 03.09.14


Description from the publisher:



Lyla Redd has just stolen her last precious artifact from the Klamath Bear Clan. The curvy smuggler got away with it before, but she doesn't know serious danger can arrive anytime in big, dark, and very muscular packages.


When werebear Alpha Nick Tunder lays eyes on the voluptuous beauty he's been sent to kill, he realizes the mission is a bust. Taking back his people's treasure is the easy part. Keeping Lyla away proves much harder, especially when she pursues and ends up in his bed for a thorough spanking.


When the other Klamath bears find a human woman on their turf, fur and claws fly as Lyla is sentenced to a darker fate.


Soaring passions hide much to explore, just like the mysterious artifact that brought them together. Deep love, lust, and an answer to their woes in an ancient royal bloodline are almost in reach, if only they can put the pieces together and their hearts on the line.


Destiny makes very strange bedfellows and beautiful fated mates...


This 38,000+ BBW shifter romance contains steam and language that'll make a grizzly roar. Batten down the hatches!


This is a stand-alone, paranormal, BBW romance story.


This was a fun paranormal read.  The first time I’ve read of were-bears (and it definitely won’t be the last).   There were some minor issues, but otherwise I really enjoyed this story and I’m glad the author contacted me and asked me to read for him.  I hope he will contact me for future stories.


I also haven’t read many BBW books, mostly because I am BBW and can be a bit sensitive to what words are used.  I had only one line in this book that bothered me.  One line isn’t enough to turn me completely off – so it is excused.  If the author wants to know which one, he can contact me.


This book needs some serious editorial services or a really good beta reader who will assist the author with grammar and word usage.  Unfortunately, the improper word usage did interfere with the story flow and pulled me out of reader head-space and back into the real world to figure out what was meant.  It is that loss of head-space that pulled this to a four crown read instead of being a five.


I would love to read some more from Mr. Mitchell and hope that he will again invite me when he next releases.


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Pseudonym:  Arthur Mitchell




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