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Series:  Guardian Angel #1
Author:  Mia Fox
Publish Date:   08.02.15
Publisher:  Evatopia Press
Category /Genre:  Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Mia Fox (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 08.03.15
Goodreads link: Malibu Angel

Description from the publisher:
All Sam wants is to serve out his time as a guardian angel so that he can return as a human. But his sentence becomes more complicated when he finds himself falling in love with Angeline, his current assignment.

The rules of angels specify that he may not interfere with the course of her life, which naturally includes her dating choices. When Angeline begins surf lessons at the same beach where Sam is assigned to work as a lifeguard, a connection forms between them and the rules of angels collide with the laws of attraction.

Sam finds it even harder to keep his distance when he discovers Angeline’s surf instructor hides a dangerous secret. With Angeline’s life in jeopardy, the lines between his role as a lifeguard and that of guardian angel become blurred.

Sam’s choices will redefine his role as a guardian angel to Angeline and force him to contemplate what will become of their love if he is sent away. Whether they find their way back to each other is a question written in the heavens.


This is the first book in Mia Fox’s new GUARDIAN ANGELS series.  Each will stand alone.

There are many kinds of angels all around us. 

What kind of person runs into a fire when all others are running out?  A fireman is a guardian angel to those he rescues!  

What kind of person accepts a life of being around those who are sick and miserable, all with a cheery disposition?  Nurses and doctors are guardian angels! 

What kind of person stands in the heat of summer for eight hours-a-day enjoying the beauty that is the ocean, but only able to venture into that inviting water when affecting a rescue?  Lifeguards are obviously guardian angels, too!

That’s where Sam and Evan come in.  They have been placed on Malibu beach to keep the flock of tourists safe.  Sam has been given a specific assignment – Angeline, a wicked-smart, but clumsy woman with the beauty of a Hallmark cherub.  The only problem for him is that he has already fallen in love with her…and that’s against the G.A. rules.

I absolutely loved this quick and easy summer romance.  I'm looking forward to much more from this series!

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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