Thursday, February 12, 2015

ON A RUN by Kimberly Livingston

Title:  ON A RUN
Author:  Kimberly Livingston
Publisher:  Kimberly Livingston
Category:  Romance
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“I am not a hermit!” she mumbled, as she slammed the cabin door behind her and leaned against it, heart pounding.  “I just…don’…people.”  After romance novelist Hannah Glen loses her parents to a fatal car accident, she secludes herself in her mountain home of Breckenridge, Colorado; afraid to live among others in case she should lose someone again.  When her agent books her a breakout session at the Southern California Writer’s Convention at the Disneyland resort, Hannah finds herself forced away from the safety of her home.  There Hannah meets Daniel, a man who fully embraces the world around him.  Will the promises made by the Happiest Place on Earth make the wish Hannah wishes come true?

This is Ms. Livingston's first published novel and I predict great things for and from her!

Hannah Glen loves to run on her mountain in Colorado, but she is also running away and hiding from the world.  She has built a protective cocoon that is really just a pretty hermit's cabin for herself.  Luckily, her best friend, her only friend, is her agent and Sheila has a plan.  Sheila sends her to Disneyland and there Hannah meets Daniel.  There may be no such thing as Prince Charming, but Daniel is about as close as you can get and still be real.  

I absolutely loved the characters.  I was laughing and crying right along with them… and at one point wishing I could call Hannah to grind some sense into her! 

A lot of romance books are just this side of pornography.  This one is just a sweet love story and I loved it.  It was nice to escape with Hannah, Meg, Sheila, Steve, Ben, and Daniel.  I recommend this book for a light summer read.

Editing:  a few errors, but not too bad.  There were more than 1 or 2, but not a dozen.  (I think I may have to come up with a scale for this portion of my reviews.)


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