Wednesday, February 25, 2015

JUST ONE TASTE by C.J. Ellisson

Series:  V.V. Inn #0.5
Author:  C.J. Ellison
Publish Date:   02.20.11
Publisher:  Red Hot Publishing
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Amazon purchase
Goodreads link: Just One Taste
Date completed: 02.17.15

Description from the publisher:
Like your vampires strong, deadly and full of passion? The twist this time is the ancient vampire is a woman and it's a delectable, innocent human man she needs to resist. In 1945 Dria runs an exclusive Paris hotel for the undead. A man from her past tracks her down, determined to win her over.

This 2500-word short story (which equates to about ten pages) is for the fans who wanted to know how our characters from Vampire Vacation, Dria (Vivian) and Rafe, met. It's simply a taste of their tumultuous beginning, but their full story - including Dria's much asked about past - will be the sole focus of the full length novel, book four, in The V V Inn series.

This ebook includes: A sixteen chapter excerpt from Vampire Vacation, book one in The V V Inn series. And two full chapters from each of the author's new erotica novellas, Johnny Living Dangerously and More Than Tolerable. Lots in a little bitty FREE ebook package!

Warning: The excerpt from Vampire Vacation contains very explicit sex scenes in the bonus content and the two erotica novels are basically pure sex. These excerpts are not intended for readers under 18.

This is a second prequel in the VV Inn series and gives you a glimpse into how Rafe and Dria met and came to be a power couple.

Just a Taste is just that.  A very tiny taste of how Rafe pursued the woman for him.  A taste of book 1, Vampire Vacation.  A taste of Johnny Living Dangerously, and a taste of More Than Tolerable. 

I would have loved to have read more about Rafe’s pursuit of Dria in this one chapter offering.  The good news is that much more of the story will be given to us in Blood Legacy, which releases on February 25th.  Oh!  That’s today!!  Want to guess what I’ll soon be reviewing?

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

The V.V. Inn series:
  1. Death’s Servant (#0.1)
  2. Just One Taste (#0.5)
  3. Vampire Vacation (#1)
  4. The Hunt (#2)
  5. Big Game (#3)
  6. Death Times Two (#3.5)
  7. Blood Legacy (#4)
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  • Johnny Living Dangerously
  • More Than Tolerable
Walk on the Wild Side Series:

  1. Vanilla on Top
  2. Avoiding Mr. Right
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