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Series:  69 Bottles #1
Author:  Zoey Derrick
Publish Date:   01.06.15
Publisher:  Zoey Derrick Publishing
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Zoey Derrick (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Claiming Addison
Date completed: 02.14.15

Description from the publisher:
For Addison Beltrand, PR rep for Bold International, Inc. climbing the corporate ladder is all that matters in life. Her hard work is finally rewarded with the promotion she’s worked her ass off to earn—but the gig comes at a price. She leaves in two days for a twelve-week tour with America’s hottest alternative rock band, 69 Bottles.

Talon Carver, lead singer of 69 Bottles, has no problem with women--as long as they’re gone by morning. When Addison shakes up his world, it’s a huge problem—compounded by the fact that Addison’s not the only one he wants.

Kyle Black, manager of 69 Bottles, has a secret. He and Addison are closer than she thinks, but telling her could keep her away. When Talon sets his sights on Addison, Kyle uses his secret to push her into Talon’s arms, only to discover she isn’t the only one he needs.

Two men. One dilemma.

Talon is wild, reckless and loves control.

Kyle is calm, collected and loves passion.

The perfect balance…or Addison’s ultimate undoing?

Talon and Kyle push their boundaries and Addison’s, but can they throw their reservations to the wind and claim her together?

Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride…

****Content Warning****
Sexy, naked, bisexual rock stars…and a lot more…
This book contains, but is not limited to the following sexual content – reader discretion is advised - hot sex between two men and one woman. M/M/F, M/F/M, M/F, F/M and M/M sexual content. There are no boundaries when these three crash together, as long as you’re over 18 years of age.

This is the first book in the 69 Bottles series.  They do need to be read in order, but there is no cliff-hanger.

Addison has one hell of a week in this book.  For the last seven years, she has poured herself into her work and the payoff is being given to her in the form of a promotion representing 69 Bottles as their PR rep while on tour.  Surrounded by sex-god rock stars, the sexy manager, and tour security, she is one woman in a hunky candy store.  Protected by all, she is going to be claimed by two.  Can she choose between them?  Does she need to choose?!

This is your warning – skip it if you’re a prude.  There is hot, steamy action, and it is not reserved for the M/F type of relationship.  Addison is in a hot-man sandwich and I do mean HOT.  There is no “hold the mustard” for her or her double-decker treat!

The best I’ve read from Zoey Derrick yet!  I love how she brought in old favorites from her other books to play a part in this story.

OMG!! I get to start reading book 2, CRAVING TALON as soon as I post this – lucky, lucky me!!

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

69 Bottles series:

  1. Claiming Addison
  2. Craving Talon
  3. Taming Dex (coming soon)
  4. Redeeming Kyle (coming soon)

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“What’s going on in here?”

Shit, it’s Talon. “Nothing.” I sober quickly but Kyle has no intention.

“Addison’s a fan.” Oh my god, traitor. I go beet red.

“You weren’t supposed to fucking say anything,” I bark at him.

Talon just stares and laughs, “I would’ve never guessed, at least not with the way you were busting everyone’s balls earlier. Most fans don’t do that.”

I laugh. “No, they don’t, but while I am a huge fan of your music, I didn’t find out until Tuesday that you’re a Bold client, let alone the fact that I’ve never looked at any pictures or really read anything about you guys before coming on board today.” He’s shocked at my revelation. “I never really have time for personal investigations of rock stars and once I found out about coming on board, I didn’t have enough time to get through the packet of information. Besides, I don’t like tainted opinions of clients, I’d rather form my own.”

Talon smiles and his cheeks turn slightly pink. “So, you’re a fan?”

I look him square in the eye. “Huge.”

“You want an autograph?”

“Oh my god.” I bust out laughing. “Is that how you pick up the chicks?”

“Hey it works, Red, trust me.”

I laugh a little more. “I don’t doubt it. But no, I don’t want an autograph, I’m sure by the time this tour’s over I will run away screaming.”

“God, I hope not,” he says with that sweet sultry voice of his and I want to melt into a pool on my bed. My nipples tighten and once again my pussy moistens with wanton need, a desperate need for Talon Carver.

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  1. Thank you Mary Lou for your awesome review. I am so glad you enjoyed Claiming Addison, I hope your readers do too.
    Craving Talon is almost here, I hope you enjoy it just as much if not more!

    XXOO! Zoey