Wednesday, May 22, 2019

PET SET DUET by Ann Omasta


Series:  The Pet Set #1 &#2

Author:  Ann Omasta

Narrator:  Audra Cook

Length:  6 hours 39 minutes

Audible Release Date:  06.20.2018

Publisher:  Ann Omasta

Publish Date:   09.12.2017

Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Listenability:  OK  or  NSFW

Received from:  Ann Omasta (as an Audible gifted copy)

Date completed: 05.07.2019

Description from the publisher:

What could possibly be better than fluffy and gentle Goofy Newfies?  How about if some playful and adorable Itty Bitty Kitties join in the fun?

This heartwarming read features two books that have it all...  wagging tails, lighthearted laughs, adorable animal antics, and all of the positive, happy feelings you crave.  It even squeezes in two sweet romances. 

Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or someone who has always wondered what all of the fuss is about, this book is a feel-good read that will leave you smiling and appreciating your favorite pet. 

Grab The Pet Set Duet today because you deserve more fun, happiness, and cuddles in your life!  Which side will you choose?  #TeamDog or #TeamCat?

PS.  From Rascal, the dog: "Why is the dog vs. cat debate even a thing?  Dogs love their hoomans more than anything.  Cats barely tolerate their peeple, and they like to play scratchy-bleedy games.  No, thank you!"

PPS.  From Morty, the cat: "I won't even touch on that dumb dog's atrocious spelling.  Cats are obviously more intelligent and have more discerning tastes than dogs.  Silly old dogs will love anyone unconditionally, but you have to earn a cat's love.  Cats rule and dogs drool...  literally."


The Pet Set Duet: Goofy Newfies & Itty Bitty Kitties is a two-book release from the Pet Set series.  The stories in this series do need to be read in the order of release.

Goofy Newfies:  Lily is an author whose husband has recently been killed in a car accident.  Then the journal article she wrote for herself, accidently got put in the wrong folder on her computer, her editor published it, and it went viral.  Now, she’s a social-media, modern-day Cruella DeVille.  She didn’t expect to meet the vet tech, Van, from next door.  The cute vet tech… but she had to return the puppy that wiggled it’s way under the fence and in her kitty door. 

Itty Bitty Kitties:  Remember Van?  Well, his cousin Julia has found herself in the family way, but the family isn’t supporting her.  Van has invited her to come visit while she sorts it all out.  Then Lily’s house burns down, and Derek is the fireman assigned to investigate after the fire is put out.  While there may not be any more sparks at the house, there are definitely sparks between Derek and Julia.  Too bad she’s seeing green anytime Lily needs to speak to Derek.

Not to worry, everything works out.  That’s my favorite thing about romance, or books in general.  Life is fair in books.  Not so much in real life, right.  In the end, I close the book with a smile and a wish to return.

I loved both of these stories.  I loved that the second story was a continuation and built upon the relationships begun in the first, not that each just held the other’s characters as secondary players.  There is a real sense of community in that building together.  I hope there will be more in this series.  What other fun pets will come?  Llama Drama?  A Horse, of Course?

Narration:  Audra Cook is a wonderful narrator.  She speaks clearly and gives appropriate drama to the situations of the characters.  It was like listening to a dear friend tell a favorite story.

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy via getfreeaudiobooks, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

Pet Set series:

1.      Goofy Newfies

2.      Itty Bitty Kitties

3.      Funny Bunnies

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Monday, May 20, 2019

IN OVER HER HEAD by Judi Fennell


Series:   Magically Ever After #1

Author:  Judi Fennell

Publisher:  Mergenie Books

Publish Date:   05.05.2019, 2nd edition

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  C – average writing, poorly edited

Received from:  Judi Fennell (as a gifted copy)

Goodreads link: In Over Her Head

Date completed: 05.12.2019

Description from the publisher:

She’s terrified of the ocean

Marina owner Erica Peck might live near the water, but no way will she ever, ever go in the water.  Not since The Incident.  But given a choice of facing a bullet or going into the water to retrieve a stolen treasure, she might end up as fish food either way.

He lives under the sea.

Reel Tritone, second son of the king of the Mers has always been fascinated by Humans.  As the Spare heir, Reel doesn’t have a tail.  Or much purpose.  But when the devil-may-care ne'er-do-well sees a woman about to become a shark snack, he only has one choice.  Even though it’s kinda, sorta, totally against the rules to turn a Human into a Mer, even to save her life.

The OMG-OMG-OMG totally naked tailless merman is a hallucination, right?  But it’s all too real when a death edict sends Erica and Reel on a madcap underwater mission to retrieve stolen treasure from a vengeful ex sea-goddess.  Even if they survive, how can they stay together when he’s a merman and she’s afraid of the water?


IN OVER HER HEAD is the first book in the Magically Ever After series.  Each will stand on their own, but I would highly recommend reading them all and in the order of release.

The only negative I can say about this book is that it sorely needs some editing love.  Especially with it being a re-release, somebody should have fixed simple spelling and elementary grammar errors by now.  For example, when I read about the diamonds being in her grandfather’s turn… this takes me out of the fantasy of the story.

As I said, that is the only negative.  The rest is make-my-heart-happy, humorous, fantasy romance.  There are great puns in the fashion of Piers Anthony and talking sea creatures that I expected to start singing Calypso music at any moment (the newt play the flute; the carp play the harp…). 

IN OVER HER HEAD is cute.  It is silly.  It is light-hearted.  It is just what I needed to escape reality for a few hours.

I’m looking forward to the next re-release from this series.  Reel’s brother, Rod is about to hook his fish on dry land!

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted ARC, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

Magically Ever After Series:

1.      In Over Her Head

2.      Wild Blue Under     (re-releases 05.13.2019)

3.      Catch of a Lifetime (re-releases 05.27.2019)

Making Waves

4.      I Dream of Genies  (re-releases 06.10.2019)

5.      Genie Knows Best  (re-releases 06.27.2019)

6.      My Fair Genie         (re-releases 07.15.2019)

 Your Wish Is His Command

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

TWIST OF FATE by Marlie May


Series:  N/A

Author:  Marlie May

Publisher:  Hummingbird Press

Publish Date:   05.10.2019

Category /Genre:  Time Travel Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  received as an unedited ARC / errors excused

Received from:  Marlie May

Goodreads link: Twist of Fate

Date completed: 05.16.2019

Description from the publisher:

"Legally Blonde meets Gladiator in this volcanically hot time travel romp through the streets of ancient Pompeii."
~ Laney Kaye, Author of HAWAIIAN HURRICANE

Twenty-first century Greek goddess Pandia is shaking in her Jimmy Choos. A few weeks ago, she traveled back in time to attend a party, where she accidentally suggested Julius Caesar abandon politics for gardening. Her father, Zeus, summons her to modern Olympus after he discovers her meddling eliminated the month of July. To teach her the importance of fate, he strips Pandia's goddess powers and sentences her to a stint of mortality in ancient Pompeii.

Pandia refuses to let her punishment get her down. She'll do her time, leave destinies untouched, and be home in time for her next shift at the local animal shelter. Instead, she's mistaken for a prostitute and arrested for inciting a riot. Sentenced to serve as a massage therapist in Pompeii's gladiator school, she's assigned to Caladus, a gladiator whose washboard abs test her vow to remain uninvolved.

To escape Pompeii, Pandia must prove she respects mortals' fates. But she's falling for Caladus, and her time's running out: Mt. Vesuvius is rumbling.

Twist of Fate guarantees laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of swoony gladiator romance, on-the-page heat, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after.  This book is standalone.


Let’s start with the last four words in that blurb.  “This book is (a) standalone.”  I want to go on record as protesting the stand-alone status of this book.  Couldn’t we have more fun with these gods and goddesses, please?  Or maybe our friends in Pompeii?

It is obvious that the author put in a lot of research, but it is not preachy.  Instead she found the stuff that I knew was out there (like the graffiti about the Thoracian – I loved how she tied it in!)  This is not an era that *everyone* has written about, so she is not recycling the same ol’ same ol’.  This was a refreshing read!

I have always had a fascination with the destruction and the modern resurrection of Pompeii.  The mystery of the bodies frozen in time, the opulent, seductive lifestyle, and the life by the sea has been a draw to me.  That this wondrous place doesn’t receive the attention that so many other ancient cities do puzzles me.

Now, about the romance – this was a slow burn, build up and it scorched my fingers.  Definitely a can’t-put-it-down story that kept me reading past my bedtime.  It is fun, often funny, and light. 

Marlie May has become one of my favorite authors in just a few releases.  I can’t wait for what may come next.

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted ARC, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

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2.      Simply Irresistible

Viper Force Series:

1.      Fearless

2.      Ruthless (releases Summer 2019)

3.      Dauntless

4.      Reckless

Saturday, May 18, 2019



Series:  Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery #2

Author:  Shéa MacLeod

Narrator:  Yvette Keller

Length:  4 hours 20 minutes

Audible Release Date:  05.17.2017

Publisher:  Shéa MacLeod

Publish Date:   04.29.2016

Category /Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Listenability:  OK  or  NSFW

Received from:  Shéa MacLeod (as an Audible gifted copy)

Goodreads link: The Stiff in the Study

Date completed: 05.09.2019

Description from the publisher:

Viola Roberts is at it again! The sleepy seaside town of Astoria, Oregon is the last place you'd expect to find a dead body. That is until the director of the local museum turns up dead in the study and Viola's friend, Portia, is accused of the crime. Viola ignores her looming deadline and bout of writer's block and sets out with her best friend, Cheryl, to solve the murder. From starting riots at local dive bars to breaking into crime scenes, Viola will stop at nothing to prove Portia innocent even if it means putting herself in the cross-hairs of the killer.


THE STIFF IN THE STUDY is the second book in the Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery series.  Though each will stand alone, I highly recommend reading them all and in the order of release.  There is mention of the previous case, but not in a way that you would need that information to solve this one.

I loved this cozy mystery.  I loved the camaraderie of friendships.  I loved the way the stories the characters were creating were woven through the story we were reading. 

I loved that Viola’s main squeeze, Lucas Salvatore, is still on the scene and cares for her very much.  Their relationship is slowly building and is sweet.  Though she seems to have an eye that is attracted to the men in blue.  Of course, she’s just looking and there’s nothing wrong with admiring beautiful art.

Again, I hope this book is early in Ms. MacLeod’s career.  Your readers (listeners) remember when you’ve already mentioned something and then repeat it – or refute it.  [ spoiler ] In this case, one of the first things that Portia does is tell Viola that she wishes she had killed The Louse and they talk about harassment charges instead.  Then when Viola gets to the jail to visit Portia, they have the conversation all over again as if it never happened the first time. [ close spoiler ]  It doesn’t destroy the mystery in this case, but it does give me, as a reader, that “hey, wait a minute” pause that takes me out of the story. 

The only other point that tweaked me was the over-feminism.  When the detectives arrived on scene for the murder and the first three to show up were all male the question was posed “aren’t there any female cops in Astoria?”  In return, I ask, “does every team have to have a female (or a male, or a ____. )?”  Get over your political correctness to the point of absurdity.

Bottom line.  I love cozies.  This series is beautifully written so far and I would love to continue reading them…. Oh look, I have another one! (I only wish I had them all)   See you soon.

Narration:  Yvette Keller continues to be an entertaining narrator.  She will definitely be on my list of ‘must listen to what she’s reading’ narrators. 

Note:  While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries:

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3.      The Poison in the Pudding

4.      The Body in the Bathtub

5.      The Venom in the Valentine

6.      The Remains in the Rectory

7.      The Death in the Drink

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