Saturday, May 13, 2017

WORSHIP ME by Chelle Bliss

Series:  Men of Inked #7
Author:  Chelle Bliss
Publish Date:   05.09.2017
Publisher:  Bliss Ink LLC
Category /Genre:  Erotic Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused
Received from:  Chelle Bliss (as an ARC gifted copy)
Goodreads link: Worship Me
Date completed: 05.11.2017

Description from the publisher:
James Caldo needs to control everything in his life, even his wife, Izzy Gallo. But she’s headstrong and has a need to test her husband’s limits as much as he pushes hers.

When a case at ALFA Private Investigation takes a dark turn, James is forced to get Izzy involved in an undercover sting, and the assignment will test her sexual boundaries as well as the very foundation of their relationship.

Can Izzy hold her tongue long enough to keep them both safe? Or will her unwillingness to fully submit draw the eye of the very man they’re after?


This is the seventh book in the Men of Inked series (plus a few companion stories) and I wouldn’t miss one of these books for love or money - especially when it comes to Izzy and James.  After reading the first chapter, I was dying to read more! 

Izzy is a girl after my own heart.  It’s not easy to be submissive and sassy.  James is just the right Dom for her.  He allows her the long leash to be herself but keeps just the right guide on it to keep her from being too wild.  His protectiveness is firm and gentle.  It’s always about balance. 

As expected, the story had lots of laughs, suspense, family, and food.  There was also one side story that had me wanting to do unspeakable things to our favorite author!  I had to remind myself that authors live on the tears of their readers and maniacal laughter is their national anthem.  I held my breath and said prayers for a fictional character!  I won’t say which way that side story resolved, because you need to hold your breath and say those prayers, too. 

WORSHIP ME is a cross-over of the ALFA PI series and includes all of my favorite men.  As usual, they are their loving, snarky, family-loving and protecting selves.  I wouldn’t have them any other way!

More from the Gallos is coming!  Is there any better news than that?

Note:  while I was given this book as a gifted ARC, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

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