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FOREVER CHANGED by Belinda Boring


Series:  The Mystic Wolves, #4

Author:  Belinda Boring

Publish Date:   10.20.13

Publisher:  Moonstruck Media

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Recommended for:  18+ due to mild sexual content and violence

Received from:  Belinda Boring (in exchange for an honest review)

Tour by:  Read Between the Lines

Goodreads link:  FOREVER CHANGED

Date completed: 02.26.14


Description from the publisher:

Waking up after an amazing night with her new husband and mate, nothing could've prepared Darcy for the epic bombshell Devlin dropped—explaining her heritage and revealing truths that completely blow her mind. When all she wants is to settle into marital bliss and Pack life, Darcy's world is once again thrown into turmoil, forced to face a challenge that may very well break her and Mason.

Not one to sit back and watch the one he loves more than life itself in danger, Mason immediately formulates a plan of action—taking a small group of trusted friends across the United States in the hot pursuit of answers. Time is running out, though. With each attempt to control Darcy's wild magic thwarted, and the dark presence of evil dogging their every move, they will be left with no other choice but to make a stand—fight or risk losing everything they cherish most.

Decisions will be made. Love will be pushed to the breaking point. Mason and Darcy face their greatest challenge to date, one that will leave them ... FOREVER CHANGED?




Book 4 in The Mystic Wolves series; these must be read in order.

I finished this book in tears.  Great big, hiccupping, sobbing tears.  As long as I’m around, nobody cries alone and my heart was breaking for Mason.  Now in case you don’t know me personally, I’ll tell you, I am the eternal optimist.  It is my super power.  So here is the silver lining.  There IS a next book.  That means Darcy WILL be back, but until then, I’m sure Mason and I are not alone in holding our breath.

So, why was I crying?  Well, let me tell you.  This ending just tore me to pieces.  I want Darcy and Mason (and everyone else I’ve come to love in this series) to have their HEAs, but as life will have it, first come the baptisms by fire, sword, and betrayal.  I want to scream, “Enough!” but it’s out of my hands.  So we hold on for the ride and cheer the small victories when we can, and lament our losses.

I am so glad I am reading this series.  If you haven’t started, start now.  Ms. Boring will be another author I Facebook stalk.   I must know as soon as the next book is released!  Luckily, I do still have the Christmas novella to hold me over.

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

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  2. Forget Me Not
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  4. Forever Changed
  5. A Very Mystic Christmas (bonus novella)
  6. Savage Possession (not yet released)

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“There’s no need to challenge.  If Devlin needs time, let’s give it to him.”

“He lied to you,” Mason blasted.  “All this time he knew there was a threat and he said nothing. He knew why your connection to me was so sporadic and instead of easing your confusion, he continued with this masquerade.”  Mason glared over my shoulder at Devlin.  “Do you even understand what that did to her?  Do you?  She doubted herself.  She doubted her wolf.  She thought she was inferior, and all this time you knew why!”  Stepping around me, Mason shoved his friend.  “You knew!  How could you watch her falling apart with uncertainty and say nothing?”

Daniel quickly moved, just in case Devlin retaliated.  As much as my heart was breaking over being kept in the dark, watching the pain between the two of them killed me.  What happened next would define their future relationship and, as a result, mine.




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