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WEREBEAR TEACHER by Crystal Scarlett

Series:  N/A 
Author:  Crystal Scarlett 
Publish Date:   06.08.15 
Publisher:  BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance 
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, BBW 
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content 
Received from:  Amazon purchase 
Goodreads link: Werebear Teacher 
Date completed: 06.15.15
Description from the publisher:

Emily is a happy young lady, about to embark on her first teaching job, after graduation. Thousands of miles from her home town, she settles into her new life, on the borders of Arizona and Mexico.

School life agrees with her, that is until she has to take home a little boy, Gezan, who’s carer has not turned up to collect him at the end of the day. He is cared for by his older brother, Naz, who, though handsome and hunky, turns out also to be arrogant. They end up in a bitter argument and she storms away from the house.

When she decides to return to apologize to Naz for disagreeing with him, she finds herself surrounded by bears in their yard. Then she spots the little boy, Gezan, and runs to rescue him, only to be mauled by a bear.

Naz, cares for her and they are soon falling madly and deeply in love with one other. That is until their next disagreement, they just cannot stop from shouting at each other. She storms off, only to return to apologize, once again.

This time she comes upon a bear fight, only to find Naz on death’s door. What she discovers that evening pushes her beyond her own sanity. Emily’s passions run deeply for this new man in her life, but can she survive a whole new way of thinking, that simply goes beyond human perception?

Warning: Intended for 18+ readers only


This is a stand-alone short story.

Emily is a newly graduated girl pursuing her first teaching job far from home with the idea of making a difference in an impoverished area.

There is very little I liked about Emily.  She is brave when she attempts to protect Gezan, her special-needs student and she is strong enough to meet her situations head on.  On the other hand, she acts like a spoiled rich girl (which she is).  She is brash, loud, and opinionatedly close-minded.  How could any alpha male find her superiority complexities endearing and/or alluring?

While I understand that it is a short-story, there was entirely too much telling and not enough showing.  The relationship was rushed without a feeling of kismet to explain it.

With phrases like “whilst still at University” I am certain that the author is British, writing about American characters in Arizona. 

Grammar/editing:  F – spelling, homonyms, etc. were numerous and distracted me from the story 

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